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Hitachi Solutions helps transportation and distribution companies increase efficiency, improve overall customer service, and anticipate disruptions in the supply chain, letting your organization differentiate from the competition based on total value, not just price. By leveraging our in-house team of transportation industry experts, we can offer you a solution crafted specifically for your business and market.

The transportation and distribution industry is competitive with a close tie to the overall economy. Over the last decade, globalization and new sophisticated transportation technologies have added additional pressures and opportunities for those in the trucking, rail, air, marine, multi-modal or third-party transportation business. The challenges facing transportation and logistics companies include:

  • A competitive environment with sunken prices, low closure rates, and contracts based on consumption or demand
  • Unpredictable and volatile market conditions
  • Legacy systems and homegrown technology that is hampering growth
  • Inefficient performance management and forecasting/bidding
  • A siloed supply chain

Considering these factors, transportation and distribution corporations need to find a way to compete without lowering prices. Hitachi Solutions in partnership with Microsoft can help.


Solving Your Challenges

The evolution to digital technology is changing the way businesses operate and creating new opportunities for transportation and distribution organizations. At Hitachi Solutions, we can help your businesses harness the power of data and technology to foster profitable relationships and offer a best-in-class customer experience.


Digital Transformation

Engage customers:

Consumers are in the driver’s seat. With more options than ever before and a desire for immediate service, customer expectations are changing and transportation and distribution organizations must learn how to respond. Hitachi Solutions can help you deliver the service that customers demand, through a 360-degree customer view, all while helping your organization become more efficient and profitable.

Empower employees:

Employees are key to your organization’s success. Hitachi Solutions will help you provide a superior experience to customers and partners by empowering members of the service team with better information and a more consistent process.

Optimize operations:

Data is the key to the discovering new opportunities and excelling in the digital age. We can help you better utilize and manage your data so that you can create breakthrough solutions in real time and improve decision making.

Transform your products:

Innovation is rapid in today’s market. Hitachi Solutions will help you stay current, finding new ways to connect data and people so that you can anticipate and adjust to disruptions in the supply chain using predictive analytics and “what-if” modeling.
Through our customer profiles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we were able to uncover new business opportunities that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise—and we’re working on those right now.
- Vicki Burton, Director of CRM
With our Financial Data Warehouse, reporting information is immediately available to whomsoever needs it. This linkage to the financial system promotes actual flow of information and ensures that the right information gets to the right people and groups in a timely manner.
- Gerry Chau, Manager, Financial Systems, Teekay Corporation
For our salespeople, in particular, the fact that Microsoft Dynamics CRM worked through Microsoft Outlook made it a great fit and helped us adopt it with greater ease. It also fit with our existing Microsoft infrastructure, and we felt that we could avoid having to heavily customize it to meet our needs.
- Bob Poulous , Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Why Hitachi Solutions?

The team at Hitachi Solutions has been helping transportation and distribution companies unlock digital experiences through the power of the Microsoft platform since 2004. Today, we are using our experience to help transportation and distribution companies expose key data and use advanced analytics to support better decision making while maintaining business agility.

Hitachi Solutions is uniquely positioned to help your transportation and distribution organization grow for several reasons:

  • We are focused solely on Microsoft technology.
  • We leverage our in-house data analytics team to help you take your Microsoft technology even further
  • Over the past decade, we have completed more than a dozen transportation and distribution specific implementations.
  • Our industry IP lets us deliver a tailored solution so you can get up and running fast.