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Hitachi Solutions empowers retailers across every segment from luxury retail to restaurants, helping them drive transformation through the power of technology.

The internet of things (IoT), Big Data and predictive analytics are rapidly transforming the way retailers do business. Your retail business can no longer deliver “push based” mass merchandising that treats all customers the same. Though operational considerations such as supply chain efficiency and inventory turn remain imperative to profitability, to thrive in the long term, your retail organization must adapt to the reality of connected consumers and their changing demands. The new retail requires a deep understanding of each consumer, leading to personal experiences and offers that drive relevance and differentiation, leading to store visits, online shopping, larger basket size, and higher conversion.

To meet consumer demands and grow profits, retailers must confront several challenges including:

  • Moving away from disparate systems to a common platform
  • Dealing with the “Amazon effect”
  • Leveraging customer data to reorganize merchandising and marketing

By enabling you with the latest Microsoft technology crafted specifically for the retail market, Hitachi Solutions offers the industry specific products and expertise your retail store needs to stay competitive in the digital age.

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A Retailer’s Guide to CRM, ERP, and BI Solutions

Looking for an integrated CRM, ERP, and BI solution for your organization? Whether you’re hoping to advance your analytics strategy or are upgrading from an outdated system, it’s important to ask the right questions to guarantee you’re getting the greatest ROI possible.

Use our free eBook as a guide to help you select the retail CRM, ERP, and BI systems that will best support — and evolve with — your unique business needs.

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Solving Your Challenges

To realize a unified commerce experience and thrive in today’s competitive environment, retailers are embracing digital transformation. To assist you along this journey, we partner with Microsoft to deliver an intelligent platform that offers the best of digital and in-store experiences. We have found that retailers who are actively using their existing data to evolve their merchandising mix — and who are leveraging AI and predictive analytics to drive their digital transformation — will ultimately broaden their connection with their customers. This combination allows you to deliver personal and differentiated customer experiences.


Digital Transformation

Engage customers:

Consumers are in the driver’s seat. With more options than ever before and a desire for immediate service, customer expectations are changing and retailers must learn how to respond. Hitachi Solutions can help you deliver the personalized shopping experiences customers demand, while helping your organization utilize data and predictive analytics to become efficient and profitable.

Empower employees:

Employees are key to your organization’s growth, profitability and competitive advantage. Hitachi Solutions will ensure that your employees have the productivity and collaboration tools they need to provide outstanding customer service.

Optimize operations:

Innovation is rapid in today’s market. We can help you take advantage of the latest technological advances such as the IoT and telemetric data to optimize forecasting and modernize your supply chain with analytics-driven operations.

Transform your products:

Data is the key to the discovering new opportunities and excelling in the digital age. Hitachi Solutions will help you stay current, finding new ways to connect data and people so that you can differentiate from the competition and ensure you are always giving consumers what they want.
The key here is the integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL; however, Hitachi Solutions has also helped us design the web pages as we needed them. Hitachi Solutions provides total capability, which allows us to utilize a myriad of functionality within Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce to improve the online shopping experience for our customers.
- Joe Sasala, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Our challenge was to bring a wide variety of flowers to our clients from a variety of sources. We were able to achieve this with the help of Hitachi Solutions. We are now able to land with our customers faster than our competition can.
- Deba Behera, Director - IT
We had no such thing as cross-company collaboration, but we were approaching a point where we couldn’t keep pace with business demands. We wanted to modernize and create a globally connected environment where we could quickly adapt and respond to the needs of our rapidly expanding retailer, franchisee, and customer base.
- Phillip R. Kennedy, Director of Information Technology at PANDORA
When we looked at what was available in the market, Microsoft Dynamics AX was the solution that met the majority of our needs right out of the box. It met about 75 to 80 per cent of our requirements right away.
- Ken MClaughlin, Manager Retail Systems and Support
For over 100 years, Ben Bridge has been committed to delivering the highest quality jewelry, curated from around the world and exemplary customer service – we needed a business solution provider that would understand the importance of this commitment. Hitachi Solutions’ industry knowledge and focus on technology excellence were key factors in our choice of a business solution provider.
- Lynnette Frank, Chief Financial Officer

Why Hitachi Solutions?

The retail team at Hitachi Solutions has been helping retailers unlock digital experiences through the power of the Microsoft platform since 2004. Today, we are using our experience to help retailers expose key data and use advanced analytics to support better decision making while maintaining business agility.

Hitachi Solutions is uniquely positioned to help your retail organization grow for several reasons:

  • We are focused solely on Microsoft technology.
  • We leverage our in-house data analytics team to help you take your Microsoft technology even further.
  • Our industry IP lets us deliver a tailored solution so you can get up and running fast.