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Retailers need to move beyond omnichannel to truly tap into the power of data from all facets of their organization. Big data and digital transformation make it possible for retailers to create ecosystems in which all of their devices are connected and talking to each other, producing actionable data for pricing, inventory, merchandising and selling strategies — all in real time.”
—Deb Marotta, Vice President, Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions Retail Awareness offerings provide insight into retail operations, clienteling, and merchandise management. Retail Awareness features IoT platforms, software, and devices, all leveraging an open and flexible Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), are integrated into the solution. Retail Awareness changes the way retailers operate stores, manage inventory and logistics, and engage their customers, employees, and suppliers — helping them break down organizational silos and create an interconnected ecosystem that acts as the organization’s central nervous system.

Ultimately, this white paper will provide you with valuable insights about the current state of the retail industry, and how Hitachi Solution’s Retail Awareness offerings are helping retailers stay ahead of the pack.

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