How will this Webinar help me?

IoT, machine learning, and data science are not just creating a technology revolution – they are creating a business revolution enabled by technology.

For Manufacturing, Field Service, and Energy companies, this technology is delivering unprecedented insight and analysis into business operations – and in turn accelerating new operational efficiencies, new revenue channels, and new ways of getting ahead of the competition.

In this webinar recording, Richard Adams, Consulting Principal at Hitachi Solutions America, covers everything from basic data science concepts to how Manufacturing, Field Service, and Energy companies are using these innovative technologies to improve essential processes and speed time-to-value.

What You’ll Learn

  • Find out what IoT is — and what it isn’t
  • Learn about the tools that data scientists use to turn raw data into actionable information
  • Understand the algorithms that make machine learning possible
  • See all three in action with three industry-specific business use cases
  • Discover how the Hitachi Solutions’ proven methodology can increase your time-to-value
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