What is Hitachi Solutions Managed Services?

By offering our customers flexible options through an ongoing subscription based plan or all-inclusive managed services, Hitachi Solutions customers are given the opportunity for continuous improvement and support after the initial go-live of their system.

Through a dedicated team of product support professionals, Hitachi Solutions Managed Services delivers deep and continuous customer engagement at all levels; building a relationship that can be relied on to remove roadblocks and move our customers’ businesses forward. Available for all Microsoft products, our Managed Services can even take the place of an in-house IT team by providing, flexible scalability, 24/7 live support, release management and expert advice.

Managed Services hours can be used however you choose

  • Enhancing functionality you may not have been able to get to in phase one
  • Improving performance and usability
  • Developing richer reports
  • Scalable IT support

With Hitachi Solutions Managed Services, you can subscribe to the expert hours you need and use them however you choose. A team of highly skilled experts works with you to tackle priorities and provides support for the entire suite of Dynamics 365 including new functionality and reports; enhancements and application integration; staying up to date on current versions, fixes and patches.

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