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Field service enablement solutions have been available for many years, however only now is the traditional reactive problem-repair model being reconsidered in favor of a new solution. With the advent of cloud computing, reliable mobile applications, and connective IoT devices, companies are able to leverage these transformative technologies to reinvent field service in an outcome-based model that generates profit.

As the marketplace grows ever more competitive, companies will look to differentiate on as many levels as possible, and those that successfully deliver a modern and valuable customer service experience will be able to monetize an area that has historically been considered a cost center.

This report, analyzed and authored by Nucleus Research, delves into how Hitachi Solutions helps customers mature their field service operations to develop more advanced service capabilities and ultimately generate profits through field service.

How Hitachi Solutions Helps Monetize Field Service :

This research report discusses:

  • The importance of outcome-based service in an increasingly competitive field service marketplace, and how Hitachi Solutions defines this model
  • Hitachi Solutions’ 3-phased transformation roadmap, and how it enables organizations to achieve profitable field service
  • How Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft have laid the blueprint for customers to reach advanced stages of field service maturity
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