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Relationship managers are vital to the success of any asset management firm — doesn’t it make sense to provide them with the tools they need to excel in their role?

Today’s relationship manager wears multiple hats and is responsible for interfacing with clients and consultants, managing multiple portfolios, filtering RFP approvals, identifying at-risk business, and more. A customer relationship management (CRM) system makes it easier for relationship managers to stay on top of everything by providing them with the data-driven analytics they need to increase deal flow, understand the value of each relationship, and ensure continued customer satisfaction by delivering highly personalized, exclusive experiences.

But how do you become a customer-centered business? In this 7-page guide, we’ll look at best practices to get you on the road to Customer 360 and four ways to become a customer-centered business including:

  • Changing the way you think about your customers
  • Embracing the new technologies
  • Expanding your thinking beyond sales and claims
  • Simplifying the buying process
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