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Why trust Hitachi for your business solutions?

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Vertical Solutions

Each Industry Cloud is powered by the Microsoft Cloud plus Hitachi Solutions’ vertical specific software. We leverage years of experience and expertise with Microsoft 365 (Formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM) and Business Intelligence to build solutions that hit the sweet spot for each vertical and provide an incredibly simplified experience.

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Expert Services

Our approach to implementation ensures results by focusing on your business goals. We help prepare your organization to successfully adopt and leverage new systems and capabilities. Our own project delivery methodology ensures quality, manages risk and promotes efficiency so you can drive value for your business by utilizing our vertical solutions and experience.

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Ongoing Support

Success is a journey which doesn’t end at go-live: it begins. Our dedicated support teams are positioned around the world, ensuring that issues are resolved in the quickest possible timeframe, keeping you focused on your business. Our Live Support services range from troubleshooting, monitoring and environment management, to a long-term dialogue, on your terms, so your systems evolve and grow with your business.

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Banking & Credit Unions

Engage for Banking

Purpose Built Relationship Management for the Banking Industry

Compete in a demanding industry by focusing on the customer

Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Banking gives bankers a holistic, customer centered view of their business that helps them build strong, long-lasting relationships with their customers. Our solution helps you better understand, track, and manage your relationships with customers and prospects so you win more business and improve customer loyalty.


Retail Banking

Provide a superior customer experience and win long-term loyalty from your customers with the tools you need to put the customer at the center of every interaction. CRM provides a complete and holistic view of customer, financial, and business data through role-based dashboards for tellers, relationship managers, branch managers and back-office staff.

crm for banking

Branch Manager at a Retail Bank

Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Banking is designed specifically for the unique needs of a Retail Bank. Check out this Day in the Life Video to learn more!

crm for retail banking
Hitachi Solutions' Engage for Banking

Commercial Banking

Uncover new opportunities and execute more effectively with collaborative tools that give everyone a complete view of customers, prospects, and opportunities so you can build strong, profitable relationships with your clients. Automated and streamlined processes for new client onboarding and RFP responses along with collaboration tools for sharing documents, information and alerts across teams empowers your bank to be customer-centric.

Commercial Banker at a Commercial Bank

Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Banking is designed specifically for the unique needs of a Commercial Bank. Check out this Day in the Life Video to learn more!

Hitachi Solutions' Engage for Banking

Banking & Credit Unions

Engage for Credit Unions

Purpose-Built Relationship Management for the Credit Union Industry

Take a Holistic Approach That Puts Your Members First

Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Credit Unions gives you a complete, holistic view of member information so you can focus on providing a superior member experience. Provide responsive service that wins loyalty and offer financial products and services that are tailored to your members’ needs.

Member Management

Win members for life by providing a superior experience thanks to access to information and tools your employees need to put a member first whether they’re in the branch itself, in the service center or providing back office support.

CRM for Credit Unions

Member Service

Enable service representatives to resolve member issues quickly and efficiently with consolidated tools and a complete view of information to streamline resolution with automated processes for common service tasks and integration with telephony systems.

Member Business Services

Give member-facing employees streamlined and familiar tools to reduce busy work so they can do their jobs more effectively and identify new opportunities within your existing member base thanks to rich segmentation and reporting capabilities.

Business Development

Increase your member base and provide valued products and services by delivering tailored offers based on each member’s profile and needs so you can launch effective marketing campaigns and track results back to specific initiatives that lead to more cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

CRM Essentials Dashboard

Hitachi CRM Essentials

Hitachi CRM Essentials helps you achieve a successful CRM implementation more quickly and at a lower cost. It provides an extensive library of plug-ins, controls, and customizations that enable you to meet all of your industry and business requirements.

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CRM Essentials helps you to:

  • Business Rules Engine
  • JavaScript Library
  • Agent Desktop
  • Portal Framework
  • User Adoption Solution
  • Editable Grid
  • Hierarchy Visualizer
  • CRM + SharePoint Enhancement
  • Plug-In Library

Banking and Credit Unions

Retail Banking Sales Insights

Hitachi Solutions delivers this solution to provide holistic monitoring of their organization and to help Retail Banking customers gain meaningful insights into their business that drive actionable results.

Retail Banking Solutions

With a large number of customers carrying out a multitude of different transactions on a daily basis, banks need help understanding business performance, analyzing their pipeline and growth, and keeping an eye on profitability. Success requires continuous tracking of the business as a whole and also the ability to view detailed performance information of individual products and lines of business.

Hitachi Solutions has developed a solution that connects directly to cloud CRM data sources, serving up key business performance information using intuitive visualizations. This provides the ability to quickly identify which elements of the business are performing well and which require timely attention.


Key highlights of the solution include:

  • Analyzing customer profitability through a comprehensive perspective, assessing the profitability of industry, customer segments, loan types, and geography.
  • Visibility into the performance of different revenue channels and the close monitoring the revenue generation of different customer divisions and territories.
  • Leveraging historical data to provide insights to the year-over-year or month over-month growth of different bank divisions; allowing strategic decisions to be made about which divisions require support and which are showing healthy growth.
  • Monitoring pipeline health by setting strategic KPI targets for the sales pipeline, and tracking the current pipeline against these targets.
  • The ability to drill from summary level dashboards, that capture the holistic view of the organization, into the opportunity level details; thus supporting the capability to do key investigations on the data and enabling sound decision-making.
  • A live connection is with CRM online data, allowing these dashboards to continually update automatically. This ensures that the information displayed on these dashboards always provide the most current view of the business and how it responds to the strategic decisions of the company’s leadership.

Hitachi Solutions’ Retail Banking Dashboards simultaneously provide both a big picture, as well as a detailed view of the performance of a bank’s products. The dashboards give different perspectives of the data, providing the ability to carry out analysis across customer groupings, product groupings, and pipeline stages. This provides management and the leadership teams with the right information they need to be effective decision makers, in a timely and intuitive format. The optimal way to utilize these dashboards is to connect them directly into your company’s CRM system. This will allow your organisation to be empowered to make the right decision at the right time, to monitor the results as they unfold and to adjust as needed.

Our Expert Services

Designed for Success

Our field proven implementation approach is based on years of helping clients transform their organizations with enhanced processes and enterprise software optimization. With every client relationship and project our focus is on your business goals. We collaborate to define improved processes, build and deploy capabilities to optimize those processes, measure results and move forward with continuous improvements.


Flexible Services Approach

We help ensure your success with the Hitachi Solutions Industry Cloud by getting the right team of experts into the mix at the right time. Our project leaders and consultants act as guides to help your implementation along by using the project approach that best matches your business model, the skills of your team and your specific requirements. Our approach can flex from classic waterfall to agile to a hybrid in between depending on the approach that you are most comfortable with.

All In Subscription or Hybrid Services + Subscription

The Hitachi Solutions Industry Cloud can include a range of expert services like integration, data migration, custom development or a complete ERP, CRM or BI implementation from top to bottom. We can wrap subscription pricing around any services and include it into your Industry Cloud subscription or you can subscribe and pay for services separately. We’re flexible. Our goal is to make sure our pricing and subscription matches your needs.

All In Subscription or Hybrid Services + Subscription
It’s Microsoft. Our people use Microsoft every day. It’s very intuitive. You know what you need to do because it’s familiar. With Hitachi and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we didn’t have to change our practices to fit the system, they built the system to meet our needs.
- Staci Wade, VP of Applications Support, Lake Michigan Credit Union

Ongoing Support

Personal Attention
Personal Attention

We assign an expert team to focus on your business. Use them for whatever services you choose: fixing issues, maintaining and managing systems, adding richer functionality and more.

Predictable Cost
Predictable Cost

Subscribe to an allocation of hours from our dedicated pool of Microsoft Dynamics and BI experts on a predictable, monthly service plan. Three tiers, Gold, Silver and Bronze, help you choose the service level and price that’s best for you.

The Power of a Team
The Power of a Team

Experience has taught us that the right team of two or three experts can cover the breadth of information required to keep a system live and thriving. We build our support teams right and back them with all the experience of our global team.