Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you drive consistent and measurable improvement in everyday business processes. Gain the capability to easily create and maintain a clear view of customers from first contact through purchase and post-sales. With tools to enhance sales, marketing, and customer service processes — along with native Microsoft Office Outlook integration — Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution.

Customer Engagement

Give your team the tools they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Build lasting relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to sell effectively, care everywhere, and market smarter.

Fully Integrated

Track all your customer interactions and data in one place. With native integration with Office 365, Microsoft Power BI, Yammer, Skype, Outlook, and many other widely used business apps, you can be sure everyone in your company has the full picture of what your customers want and need.


Highly Scalable

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers best-in-class features to grow your business’s efficiency and productivity. Use customer data to gain the insights you need to qualify prospects. Learn what your customers really think with Microsoft Social Engagement.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales

Access a complete view of customer data online or offline, and leverage tools that enable your sales professionals to get real-time access to leads, identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and close more deals, faster.

Automate Your Sales Process

Set up territories and teams for optimal organizational efficiency. Create price lists, discounts, and unit groups to streamline offer management. Set up goals to track sales rep quotas.

Capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allow you to boost productivity, gain key insights, streamline sales cycles, and reduce costs.


Automate Your Sales Lead System

Set up territories and teams for optimal organizational efficiency. Create price lists, discounts, and unit groups to streamline offer management. Set up goals to track sales rep quotas.

Capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allow you to boost productivity, gain key insights, streamline sales cycles, and reduce costs.


Manage Opportunities Effectively

Capture and track all opportunities in the system. Utilize organization-specific sales stages. Establish an organization-wide process for developing leads.

Make business decisions based on up-to-date information on the opportunity pipeline. Effectively measure wins and losses.


Real-Time Collaboration

Create, view, edit, approve, and search for sales literature items. Make use of a central repository for sales information. Ready to use literature for competing product comparisons.

Track your product information, presentations, brochures, policies, procedures, white papers, competitive information, price lists, annual reports, and manuals.


Drive Best Practices

Set up opportunity-type specific process flows to guide sales reps in correct actions to create consistent processes.

Tie multiple entities together for a streamlined experience. Save sales rep time, reduce training costs, and increase user adoption.


Access Data On Any Device

Capture and track all lead details in one system, even when traveling. Access and act on customer data from any type of device.

Update, qualify, or assign leads and opportunities when on the road. Analyze sales status with rich offline reporting.


Maximize Every Opportunity

Receive quick suggestions for cross sells and up sells right from the opportunities and orders. Discover new opportunities in your customer base. Enhance service by anticipating customers’ needs before they do.

Maximize profitability by selling to existing clients. Suggest alternatives to better fit needs.



  • Work smarter with sales analytics from Power BI
  • Real-time collaboration and interactive platform
  • Maximize sales with Outlook, Excel, and OneNote integration
  • Gain greater customer insights based on social networks, news, events, and connections
  • Improve collaboration with coauthoring, document management, enterprise networking, and communication

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is flexible, easy to use, and engineered to fit your business. The CRM marketing solution enables your team to plan, execute, and measure campaigns across channels, from start to finish. Transform every touchpoint into a marketing opportunity and harness the undiscovered potential within your customer base to market more effectively, improve productivity, and gain actionable insight into your marketing campaigns.

Drive Results

Integrate marketing planning, budgeting, and tracking across all channels, including email, digital, social, SMS, and traditional.

Manage projects, digital assets, workflows, and approval processes across your team and other departments and agencies all from a single platform.

Target Your Marketing Efforts

Use natural language queries to instantly segment customers or prospects. Create highly targeted lists and associate them with campaigns. Set up personal or public data for reuse.

Easily share target marketing lists with colleagues or vendors. Export lists into multiple formats for bulk email or direct mail communications.


Multi-Channel Campaigns

Engage customers with personalized, multi-channel campaigns. Use the visual campaign designer to create and manage campaigns using simple drag and drop capabilities.

Test email on different devices to determine the most effective campaigns.


Improve Lead Scoring

Capture and store responses and leads in one place for easy tracking and assignment. Score and assign responses using predefined algorithms. Instantly assign leads with full interaction history to the right sales person.

Track responses across communication channels, linking them to campaign and lead sources. Convert responses to leads and opportunities.


Automate Workflows

Boost productivity with personal, team, or organizational workflows. Send event-based marketing messages to customers, like happy birthday or anniversary messages.

Dynamically assign tasks to the right person using configurable rules. Accelerate approvals using predefined workflows. Set alerts and reminders of campaign milestone to inform appropriate people.


Mobility-Optimized Platform

Access and act on customer data from any type of device. Track budgets and push through approvals while on the road. Update or create campaigns on the fly.

Update, qualify, or assign leads while on the road. Analyze responses, leads, and campaign ROI with rich offline reporting.


Measure Pipeline and Revenue

Measure your marketing success with key performance indicators. Track key campaign indicators with built-in reports. Identify trends and allocate resources with powerful predictive analytics.

Proactively create offers with 360-degree customer views. Compare campaign effectiveness to future campaign decisions.



  • Engage customers with personalized, multichannel campaigns
  • Increase sales-ready leads with advanced lead management and lead scoring
  • Strengthen your marketing and sales synergies by providing sales teams with visibility into the marketing calendar and provide actionable input
  • Connect with customers and prospects through embedded, contextual social tools
  • Measure pipeline and revenue across every marketing investment to get a true view of your ROI

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service

Deliver care everywhere with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Empower your agents to create lasting relationships with customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s visual user interface, customizable dashboards, and unified view of the customer.

Improve Account Handling

Boost agent productivity with the intuitive user interface. Improve first-call resolution with access to customer histories. Rich deduplication rules keep records accurate.

Simplify adding, changing, and managing contact information. Model one-to-many, many-to-one, and complex record relationships. Gain actionable insights.


Make Customer Service Effortless

Create, manage, and resolve cases by phone, email, chat, web, or in-person contact. Use rules-based routing and escalation to speed first call resolution.

Plan and complete case activities manually or automatically and record them for future reference. Deliver appropriate service fast with an at-a-glance view of each customer´s history and service contracts.


Enhanced Collaboration

Allow your customers to take advantage of self-service options that deliver consistent, up-to-date answers.

Peer-to-peer support and direct interaction with subject matter experts create a true community experience for your customers.


Streamline Service Scheduling

Define services with related resources and work schedules to increase precision. Save time with easy, visual scheduling.

Gain a centralized view of service workers’ calendars and resources to optimize scheduling. Save time and costs with increased visibility into how well current scheduling is fulfilling service goals.


Monitor Channels for New Cases Automatically

Set up the system to create cases automatically from posts on social media and email. Route cases to the right queue so agents can respond quickly.

Use queues to organize, prioritize, and monitor the progress of your work. Public and Private Queues allow for specific users to view and manage customer service work.


Set Customer Service Expectations

Offer differentiated levels of support with Service Level Agreements. Track and analyze First Response and Case Resolution.

Track the time for which a case was on-hold or waiting on the customer. Use entitlements to specify the support term based on number of hours or number of cases.


Enhance Service with Insight

Closely monitor customer service and support processes with dashboards and goals. Identify and address issues and refine key performance indicators.

Deep analytics and advanced visualizations empower organizations with actionable insights to continuously improve service metrics, earn loyalty, and increase brand advocacy.



  • Omni-channel capabilities offer a unified view of the customer, including critical data from social interactions
  • Make customer service effortless with branded self-service options that leverage an organized, searchable knowledge base
  • Empower agents with a single, unified experience to deliver fast, amazing customer service from their desktop or mobile device
  • Unite people, processes, and technology to deliver on-time, on-budget engagements
  • Identify trends, anticipate opportunities, and gain powerful insights into customer behavior

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Social Media

The secret to any great relationship starts with the ability to listen. With Microsoft Social Engagement, you can listen to, analyze, and promote customer engagement on social media. Microsoft Social Engagement integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide customers with a fully connected experience that will delight them and turn them into fans.

Analyze and Act on Market Intelligence

Allow sales, marketing, and customer care professionals listen, gain insights, and more effectively engage with customers across social channels. Measure sentiment across a wide array of social channels to analyze and act on market intelligence.

Allows users to track product, brand, competitors, and campaigns globally and in real time to gain a true understanding of their customers and their business across the social web.


Spot Trends and Identify Key Influencers

Find out how much of the social conversation is about your topics, and how the volume of posts is changing over time. The list of search topics gives quick insight into the buzz and trend of the topics that matter most to you.

Microsoft Social Engagement supports 20 languages and covers a broad range of sources- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, videos, blogs, forums, news syndication, and any source that supports RSS.


Connect with Your Customers

Grow your social media presence by engaging with social communities using rich multimedia. Enable teams to collaboratively respond and drive social activities by leveraging Office Groups to assign posts, share feeds, and share profiles. View profile details for immediate insights on who to engage with.



  • Analyze what people are saying on social media and the news
  • Automatically analyze user’s social posts and identify potential cases, leads, or customer scenarios
  • Engage with social communities using rich multimedia
  • Share social insights across more teams through dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
  • Automatically create leads or cases from social posts, right within Microsoft Dynamics CRM