Microsoft Dynamics AX

​Microsoft Dynamics AX (now Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations) is reinventing the way businesses manage processes. Dynamics AX is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is optimized to deliver value to organizations through the ability to make smarter decisions with increased speed.

The flexible infrastructure of Microsoft Dynamics AX enables organizations to improve operational efficiency while minimizing costs. Seamless integrations with familiar Microsoft business tools – from productivity with Office 365, to business analytics with Power BI, to customer engagement with Dynamics CRM – provide up-to-the-minute insight on data and analytics, and easier ways to collaborate with the team.

Global Solution: Organizations today need to be able to compete in a global, interconnected marketplace.

The availability of the Microsoft cloud helps operations scale internationally, allowing you to effectively manage growth and change, while meeting demands.


Strong Technological Foundation

Work smarter than ever before with tools for the modern workplace. Built on the intelligent cloud, Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster, and fuel business growth.


Lasting Investment

Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) enables you to consolidate and standardize business processes, providing visibility across your organization, and helping to simplify compliance. Dynamics AX delivers a business management solution that can meet your needs now and evolve to meet future demands.


Some of Our Dynamics AX Customers

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Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

In today’s business environment, organizations are becoming even more elevated as corporations increasingly rely on the financial and strategic prowess of their leaders, prowess gained from a powerful enterprise resource planning system.

Today, business leaders are facing an array of new risks, responsibilities, and challenges, from managing a globally diversified business to mitigating new technology risks. They are responsible for reporting on the past, managing the present, and creating the future – something that is made easier with Microsoft Dynamics AX 7.

As business leaders look to manage the new risks and challenges that have evolved with their industry, many are leveraging new technology to help them thrive in this modern environment. With the tools available in the new Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 system, business leaders are able to drive corporate performance with real-time access to organizational and market data, better assess and manage risk with increased visibility with a single, integrated view into their organization, and growth their business with greater agility and efficiency.


Hitachi Solutions is empowering business leaders to transform their organizations by increasing the speed of doing business, driving success today and into the future. Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 is powerful, agile, and simple: a perfect formula for improving business success.


Increase the Speed of Doing Business

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 is the Microsoft’s business solution for enterprises that enables people to make smarter decisions faster with access to real-time insights and intelligence on nearly any device, anywhere. It enables business to redesign their business processes faster so they can innovate and get quick time to value to stay ahead of the competition. It gives businesses the flexibility to grow at their pace through the choice and flexibility of the cloud, allowing them to scale their operations globally to meet business needs.


Grow at Your Pace

Helping businesses grow at their pace is all about giving them the choice and flexibility to modernize their business. We are giving businesses the ability to leverage the power of the cloud to scale their operations globally. A solution that easily integrates with their legacy systems and data so they can continue to benefit from their existing investments and removing any barriers to growth. It is also about giving them the peace of mind that their information will be secure and compliant in a trusted cloud from Microsoft and Hitachi Solutions.


Transform Business Faster

Transforming business by easily redesigning processes is crucial for organizations to stay competitive. It’s a way for them to challenge the status quo, but they need to do it quickly in a predictive way and without business disruption. We are enabling businesses to transform by simplifying and speeding up their ability to redesign business processes. With Dynamics AX 7 they will get faster time to value from their technology, improve business planning and execution with predictable implementations – getting them up and running faster. And when they want to customize processes, support for technologies like Visual Studio gives them a large pool of talent, resources and solutions to meet their specific business needs.

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Make Smarter Decisions Quicker

We’re enabling people to make smarter decisions quicker, so they are ready for anything and make dreams a reality. We are empowering people by delivering tools built for the modern workplace – business solutions that are mobile, familiar, easy to use and foster collaboration so people can be more productive, faster. And with real-time views into business operations they can make better data-driven decisions to have a positive impact on their business.

Are you ready to calculate the benefits of switching to Dynamics 365 for your business?

Don’t just take our word for it – try out the ROI calculator yourself!