Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

Create an exceptional shopping experience that unifies digital, in-store, and back office operations through the power of Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics retail management solutions.


Retail Industry Business Challenges

The modern retailer is challenged with sustaining business growth and accelerating new product innovation.

  • Transform customer buying habits into a customer loyalty program with clienteling.
  • Move from disparate, siloed reporting to a single source of truth.
  • Create a foundation for advanced operational analytics.
  • Leverage Data to drive innovation and improve the customer experience.

Hitachi Solutions Retail Awareness

A multifaceted, cloud-enabled awareness engine built specifically for the retail industry.

  • Empowers retailers to assimilate and act on data with IoT Service Hub.
  • Drives omnichannel efforts with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure.
  • Delivers actionable operational insights, such as price optimization and merchandise planning via Microsoft solutions.
  • Provides a self-service (order online, pick up in-store) environment in the cloud.
Focus on What Matters
Exciting and innovative features and functionalities designed for revenue generation.
Deliver real-time contextual recommendations and provide insights on customer buying patterns and demographics.
Customer Insights
Customer Insights
Leverage data to drive innovation and create a truly unified and connected customer experience.
Create and manage a range of promotion strategies, such as limited time offers and buy one, get one free.
Purchase History
Purchase History
Provide insight into customer buying patterns and demographics.
Proximity Marketing
Proximity Marketing
Deliver real-time contextual recommendations and promotions.
Store Operations
Provide automated instruction for daily store operations and manage hour-by-hour revenue with an AI-embedded dashboard.
POS Sales
POS Sales
Dynamic POS screen designs, mobile POS support, loyalty and customer recommendations based on purchase history.
Employee Management
Employee Management
Monitor associate sales performance and provide automated instruction for daily store operations.
Electronic Shelf Labels
Electronic Shelf Labels
Efficiently manage product price labels and in-store promotions.
Planogram Management
Planogram Management
Tailor planograms for specific stores based on sales and demographics, segmentation, or clusters.
Merchandise Management
Dynamically adjust pricing for stores, regions, and products and tailor planograms for specific stores based on sales and demographics.
Store Replenishment
Store Replenishment
Reduce stockouts with analytics and modeling.
Price Management
Price Management
Dynamically adjust pricing based on store, region, and product.
Promotion Management
Promotion Management
Provide metrics on promotion and campaign performance and optimize inventory stock levels to support promotions.
Optimize omnichannel fulfillment with distributed order management.

Discover Exciting Business Outcomes

Powerful analytics set the stage for rapid growth and innovation.

  • Streamline reporting with cloud-based capabilities.
  • Optimize processes across varying business streams by leveraging Azure and advanced analytics (machine learning).
  • Provides a single source of truth for your entire organization.
  • Enables visibility across your organization through the use of dashboards.
  • Accelerates innovation with easy-to-use self-service analytics.

Why Hitachi Solutions?

We’ve been assisting retail organizations with unlocking digital experiences through the power of the Microsoft platform since 2004. Today, we’re leveraging our experience to help retailers uncover key data and use advanced analytics to support better decision-making while maintaining business agility.

Hitachi Solutions is uniquely positioned to help your retail organization grow for several reasons:

    • We’re the global leader in delivering success with business applications powered by the Microsoft Cloud.
    • We’re focused solely on Microsoft technology.
    • Our in-house data analytics team is uniquely positioned to help you take your Microsoft technology even further.
    • Our products are built specifically for the retail industry and then fine-tuned to meet your unique business needs.
    • We can tailor our pre-built solution to meet your business’ unique requirements, so you can get up and running that much faster.

A Word From Our Clients

One of the goals we set out to achieve with this undertaking was to learn what was possible with this type of analytics approach. Both the Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft teams provided a lot of education and insight that helped us formulate a general data management strategy.
- Steve Svoboda, Director SW Product Management
LS Travel Retail strives to make our customers’ journey more enjoyable. In order to continue to achieve and exceed their expectations, we required a more sophisticated and integrated technology solution that could deliver core retail capabilities to meet our near term goals, as well as implement foundational components to support LS’ longer term strategic goals.
- Vadim Motlik, Chief Administrative & Chief Financial Officer
We had no such thing as cross-company collaboration, but we were approaching a point where we couldn’t keep pace with business demands. We wanted to modernize and create a globally connected environment where we could quickly adapt and respond to the needs of our rapidly expanding retailer, franchisee, and customer base.
- Phillip R. Kennedy, Director of Information Technology at PANDORA
For over 100 years, Ben Bridge has been committed to delivering the highest quality jewelry, curated from around the world and exemplary customer service – we needed a business solution provider that would understand the importance of this commitment. Hitachi Solutions’ industry knowledge and focus on technology excellence were key factors in our choice of a business solution provider.
- Lynnette Frank, Chief Financial Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail good for any type of retail business?

Yes — D365 has solutions for all types of retail businesses to include but not limited to: Jewelry, clothing, service retailers, etc.

Will Dynamics 365 for Retail and Retail Awareness work with my existing POS and eCommerce sites?

Yes — Hitachi Solutions’ retail platform is a pre-built solution that enables retailers to easily integrate with existing POS and online stores.

Do I have to implement all of the components of Retail Awareness?

No — the beauty of the Retail Awareness offering is that Hitachi Solutions will work with you to determine a roadmap based on your needs and then provide a phased implementation to maximize your ROI and minimize disruption to your business.

What is the Retail Awareness proximity marketing solution?

Hitachi Solutions’ proximity marketing solution identifies traffic within your store to help you understand where your customers spend their time in-store. Additionally, with visibility to associates locations in the store you can optimize their location to best serve your customers.

Does Dynamics 365 for Retail support omnichannel?

Yes — D365 for Retail can support everything from your website, brick-and-mortar stores, and call center to digital marketplaces and social networks. Microsoft regularly rolls out updates and enhancements to D365 for Retail’s feature set to further extend the omnichannel experience.

Is Dynamics 365 for Retail’s Point of Sale system user interface configurable?

Yes — D365 for Retail’s integrated POS system uses a drag and drop controls to enable UI customization by role to further enhance customer service.

Does Dynamics 365 for Retail’s POS run on a mobile device/tablet?

Yes — D365 for Retail supports mobile POS capabilities. Retail Modern POS is designed for PCs, tablets, and phones and makes it possible for sales associates to process sales transactions from anywhere within the store, as well as streamlines customer orders and inventory management.

Does Dynamics 365 for Retail support promotions management?

Yes — D365 for Retail makes it easy for retailers to provide flexible discounts based on group, item, or customer, as well as offer coupons, mix-and-match offers, and buy one, get one deals. These promotions can be established at the corporate level and pushed out to individual stores, which can then set store-specific pricing and promotions with proper security. D365 also enables customer to earn and redeem rewards and explore promotions across channels.

Does Dynamics 365 for Retail support replenishment?

Yes — D365 for Retail offers full replenishment functionality, including the ability to purchase quantities based on size, color, and style. Users can also leverage replenishment processes such as cross-docking to suggest item distribution between stores, with immediate transfer journal updates. D365 for Retail also enables retailers to use rules-based distributed order management to fulfill inventory from the ideal location.

Is Dynamics 365 for Retail on-premises or online?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers multiple deployment options, including on-premises and on cloud. For cloud deployment, users have their choice of deploying through third-party hosted partner clouds or Microsoft Azure via Infrastructure as a Service.

Does Dynamics 365 for Retail support PCI compliance?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports PCI compliance.  PCI compliance is dependent on retailers specific deployments.

Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail support buy online and pickup in store?

Microsoft D365 for Retail has a distributed order management which is a rules based fulfillment engine.  Hitachi Solutions ecommerce solution supports buy online pickup in store.  If the retailer already has an ecommerce solution it can be integrated with D365 for Retail to enable pickup in store.

Which POS systems integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 out of the box?

D365 has POS functionality.  Hitachi Solutions has a Retail Integration platform to enable 3rd party POS applications to integrated with the D365 Retail back office functionality

What major retailers use Dynamics 365 for Retail?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is the end-to-end retail solution of choice for leading brand arounds the world, including:

  • Pandora
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Ben Bridge Jewelers
  • Jean Coutu
  • Sally Beauty Holdings
  • Fanatics
  • Ted Baker
  • Clas Ohlson
  • iBaby
  • Weird Fish
  • Spendless Shoes
  • Bombay Dyeing
  • And more

To see how Dynamics 365 for Retail is helping major retailers drive forward the needle of digital transformation, take a look at some of our customer success stories.

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