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CRM Built for Investment Banking, Designed by Industry Experts, Backed by Microsoft Dynamics 365
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Relationship Management

Easily track, manage and understand a diverse range of contact and stakeholder relationships across engagement roles, including sponsors, clients, investors and legal and professional advisors in CRM through contact and firm management, profiling and visualization capabilities and evaluation techniques to assign scores based on relationship strength.

Deal and Engagement Management

Enable your teams to better coordinate around the deal with collaborative tools and real-time access to client profiles, pitches, financial data, analysis, and team document while also streamlining execution with process flows designed around common activities and transactions, including mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, and advisory.

CRM Investment Banking Dashboard

Business Development and Marketing

Communicate the right messages to the right people with a set of unified tools for creating target lists for planning campaigns, executing on your marketing plan, and measuring results and ROI through communication management, campaign management and event management capabilities.


Gain greater visibility into leads, projects, activities, and deal flow with customized home pages and dashboards for monitoring performance and activity because you can assemble reports from any data in CRM and easily share them with your colleagues so you spend less time hunting for data and take action more quickly.

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Document Management

Enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your people and teams by giving them secure, managed access to a deal room for each engagement so they always know where to find the latest documents and information they need to do their jobs.


Rally information from back-end systems and third party providers to help ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips to make well-informed decisions and win more deals because you have access to information about your industry with the incorporation of rich third party data sources, including CapIQ™, Prequin™, MergerMarkets™, and In-sideView™.

CRM Investment Banking Reporting Dashboard

A Senior Associate at an Investment Banking Firm

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Investment Banking solution is built for the specific and unique needs of your organization. Watch this Day in the Life of a Senior Associate to get a taste of how our solution could help inspire your business.

Senior Associate at an Invesment Banking Firm
A Day in the Life of a Senior Associate at an Investment Banking Firm

Hitachi Solutions’ D365 Tools

Take your D365 implementation further, faster with our D365 Tools – a suite of pre-built plug-ins, controls, scripts, and dashboards that streamline and automate common scenarios, protect customizations, improve the user experience, and keep your system up-to-date.

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Our Expert Services

Designed for Success

Our field proven implementation approach is based on years of helping clients transform their organizations with enhanced processes and enterprise software optimization. With every client relationship and project our focus is on your business goals. We collaborate to define improved processes, build and deploy capabilities to optimize those processes, measure results and move forward with continuous improvements.


Flexible Services Approach

We help ensure your success with the Hitachi Solutions Industry Cloud by getting the right team of experts into the mix at the right time. Our project leaders and consultants act as guides to help your implementation along by using the project approach that best matches your business model, the skills of your team and your specific requirements. Our approach can flex from classic waterfall to agile to a hybrid in between depending on the approach that you are most comfortable with.

All In Subscription or Hybrid Services + Subscription

The Hitachi Solutions Industry Cloud can include a range of expert services like integration, data migration, custom development or a complete ERP, CRM or BI implementation from top to bottom. We can wrap subscription pricing around any services and include it into your Industry Cloud subscription or you can subscribe and pay for services separately. We’re flexible. Our goal is to make sure our pricing and subscription matches your needs.

All In Subscription or Hybrid Services + Subscription
Hitachi Solutions, due to its experience working with private equity firms, was able to help us enhance the process of tracking these business flow activities.
- Eric Souza, Director of Information Technology, Berkshire Partners
We selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM since our revenue producers were already Outlook power users; we simply gave them a familiar and intuitive user interface.
- Dan Madden, Investment Manager Services, SEI



Ongoing Support

Personal Attention
Personal Attention

We assign an expert team to focus on your business. Use them for whatever services you choose: fixing issues, maintaining and managing systems, adding richer functionality and more.

Predictable Cost
Predictable Cost

Subscribe to an allocation of hours from our dedicated pool of Microsoft Dynamics and BI experts on a predictable, monthly service plan. Three tiers, Gold, Silver and Bronze, help you choose the service level and price that’s best for you.

The Power of a Team
The Power of a Team

Experience has taught us that the right team of two or three experts can cover the breadth of information required to keep a system live and thriving. We build our support teams right and back them with all the experience of our global team.

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