IoT Worker Safety for Mining

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The only acceptable number of injuries and fatalities must always be zero.

At the heart of the mining industry are the workers. Ensuring they return home, unharmed, every day is a must. Beyond the devastating emotional impact, safety incidents can cost millions in insurance, litigation, and fines. Keeping your mine environment safe and healthy is key to productivity, profitability, and social responsibility.

Zero harm doesn't happen by accident.

Find out how our IoT services platform uses predictive analytics and remote monitoring to give you visibility to safety and operational intelligence previously unavailable to most mining companies.

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Protecting the Safety of Miners & The Environment

While the industry has made great strides in safety over the last few decades, minimizing workplace risks continues to be a top priority. Technology has had a dramatic, positive impact, but the harsh and remote nature of most mining environments has made it challenging to harness the full potential for improving safety.

Until now… Hitachi Solutions Worker Safety for Mining removes traditional barriers-to-entry for technology, allowing you to reliably track workers equipment, and the environment; cost-effectively collect and analyze the data, and act on it in real time.

Designed specifically for worker and environmental safety in challenging environments, this end-to-end solution helps you:

  • Better meet zero harm and other safety targets
  • Identify & avoid hazards before they occur
  • Increase visibility of miners and equipment
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and shutdowns
  • Reduce regulatory fines & other safety-related costs

Features and Capabilities

  • Advanced low-frequency wireless communications technology makes it easy to IoT-enable the most challenging mining environments – whether they are above or below ground
  • Intelligent machine learning capabilities continuously analyze the data and provide actionable insights
  • Rules-based AI engine allows you to easily set safety parameters and determine automated actions
  • Cloud-based, SaaS platform provides a low cost of entry, reduced time to benefit, and scalability/flexibility
  • User-friendly dashboards display critical information in graphic format and provide a 360-degree view of the mine environment

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Built on Hitachi Solutions’ cloud-based IoT Service Hub platform, the solution integrates data analytics, machine learning, and AI with powerful sensors and advanced communications. Combined with our industry expertise, the result is a safety offering that is simple to deploy, easy to use, and quickly provides visibility to a wealth of safety and operational intelligence that was previously unavailable to mining companies.

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