Hitachi Solutions IoT Service Hub for Worker Safety

Create a safer work environment with real-time visibility and actionable insights.
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Award-winning Worker Safety Solution

Hitachi Solutions is proud to be part of IoT Breakthrough’s Industrial IoT Solution of the Year with partners Advantech, Behr Technologies, and Microsoft!

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Hitachi Solutions Worker Safety

The Challenge of Worker Safety

Despite advances in technology, jobs in challenging industrial environments will continue to exist. At the heart of these industries are the workers, who need to be kept safe and productive while on the job – and the only acceptable number of injuries and fatalities is zero.

Industries such as mining, construction, and oil & gas — where workers are remote and working in hazardous, sometimes unstable environments — present the most challenge when it comes to safety issues. It’s difficult to extend oversight when workers are underground, on an off-shore drilling rig, working remotely on wind turbines, inspecting cell towers, around heavy equipment, or in enormous facilities such as tank farms and chemical processing plants.

Protect Your Workers and Workplace with IoT Service Hub for Worker Safety

The IoT Service Hub for Worker Safety is an award-winning solution that increases worker and workplace safety by collecting and assessing real-time risk and safety data to identify and prevent dangerous conditions before they occur. The solution monitors people, places, equipment, and environments, generating actionable insights and alerts to automatically trigger activities that can minimize the impact of an incident.

With the IoT Service Hub at its heart, the Worker Safety solution integrates advanced analytics, data science technology, and powerful sensor and wireless communications hardware (sensors, beacons, wearables, etc.). The result is a reliable, cost-effective, end-to-end safety offering that is simple to deploy, easy to use, and provides instant visibility to a wealth of safety and operational intelligence.

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Groundbreaking Technology for Data-driven Decision-making and Improved Workforce Safety and Productivity

Features and capabilities of the IoT Service Hub for Worker Safety include:

  • Low-cost, Reliable Communications

    Advanced low-frequency wireless communications technology makes it easy to IoT-enable the most challenging work environments.

  • Intelligent Machine Learning

    Data is collected and sent via Microsoft Azure to the Hitachi Solutions IoT Service Hub. Machine learning continually analyzes the data to verify tolerance.

  • Rules-based AI Engine

    The AI engine allows you to easily set out-of-tolerance parameters and the actions and workflows to be automatically triggered when set thresholds are exceeded.

  • Cloud-based, SaaS Platform

    This low cost-of-entry, pay-as-you-go model makes it easy to implement an enterprise-wide safety platform. Easily scale it across multiple integrated use cases as needs grow.

  • User-friendly Dashboards

    Critical information is displayed in a simple, graphic format that is easy to use. It provides a 360-degree view of the entire work environment.

Safer Workplaces Don’t Happen by Accident

Benefits of the IoT Service Hub for Worker Safety include:

  • ​Improves worker safety by proactively identifying hazards
  • Creates a safer workplace with continuous visibility and insights
  • Reduces regulatory fines, insurance costs, and other safety-related expenses
  • Supports enterprise-wide safety initiatives and requirements
  • Reduces unplanned downtimes and shutdowns by proactively identifying and remedying issues
  • Provides a low-cost point of entry with pay-as-you-go, cloud-based SaaS platform that is scalable
  • Simplifies preparing reports and regulatory compliance
  • Enhances social and environmental responsibility

Proactively identify hazards

Continuously monitors the health and location of workers, pinpointing potential issues and providing insights to decrease risks and hazardous situations.

Create a safer workplace

Uses wireless communications to monitor equipment and work environments to identify dangers and irregularities, then trigger alerts and actions in response.

Support safety initiatives

Increases access to safety intelligence to make more informed decisions about enterprise-wide workplace safety, support safety initiatives, and comply with regulations.

Aggregate, Analyze, and React in Real Time With Microsoft Cloud

Built on top of Microsoft’s cloud technology, Hitachi Solutions IoT Service Hub for Worker Safety utilizes Microsoft’s Azure cloud services to provide a scalable, resilient, and trusted platform to create your worker safety applications.

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