Hitachi Solutions Field Service Automation

Enhance the flow of business information while connecting dispersed field employees, customers and partners. With Hitachi Solutions Field Service Automation (FSA) your organization’s strategic growth initiatives can be met while reducing response times, lowering costs, improving first-time fix ratios, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Hitachi Solutions has a long history of accelerating service delivery.  Our team has over 400 years of collective experience developing, implementing and supporting our clients across mainstream vertical industries including Oil and Gas Field Services, Industrial Equipment Manufacturers, Medical Devices, Fire, Life & Safety, High Tech, Plumbing, HVAC and Construction trades.

Call Center

Provide your Call Center Agents with a 360-degree view and interactive insights into their issues as they engage with the customer.  Uniquely configure your companies call flows with our Screen Play workflow engine.

Scheduling, and Dispatch Management

Provide real-time Dynamic Best Fit Scheduling and Dispatch with the customer online to ensure the right technician with the right skills is sent to solve the issue on time.  Balance your channel demand (reactive, planned maintenance and IoT driven predictive maintenance) with the multi-resource schedule optimizer to meet SLA schedule adherence and increase productivity.

Work Order Life-Cycle Management

Engage all interested internal employees and external partners and customers throughout the lifecycle with the work order notifications engine.

Contract and SLA Management

Manage terms, apply different billing rates for various types of work and materials, manage SLAs, maintain hierarchical relationships among customers and locations, and automate escalations and invoicing.

Asset and Warranty Management

Classify assets with barcodes or serial numbers, then track asset location, maintenance needs, and repair history while capturing costs, revenues, and time spent on each asset. Track warranties against assets, provide field staff with visibility into terms and expiration dates, and help ensure that service and billing conform to warranty conditions.

Resource Tracking and Performance Management

Integrate personnel information qualifications, certifications, and experience into work assignments, automate work calendars and timekeeping, and generate individual performance scorecards.

Customer and Subcontractor Vendor Portals

Stay connected to your customers and service providers. Provide customers with self-service capabilities including new work requests, work order status and notifications. Deliver and track work assignments with your trusted vendors.

Inventory Management

Get the right part to the right place, on time.  Leverage the intelligent service BOM to order the right part.  Track parts stock accurately in the vehicle, warehouse and on the equipment to reduce write-offs. Adjust inventory records automatically based on field use or in-route purchasing, effectively forecast materials requirements, and take advantage of bulk and just-in-time ordering. Check inventory locations and order materials directly from the field.

Map Integration

Take advantage of digital maps integration including Google and Bing Maps to provide office and field staff with street- level mapping, route visibility, and turn-by-turn directions.  Use any GPS tracking system in the field to quickly locate resources geographically from the office and optimize work assignment.

Mobile Experience

Comprehensive offline/online mobile solution runs on Apple, Android and Windows smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  While disconnected, complete work orders, review service history, manage inventory, apply the correct customer pricing, and capture signatures, pictures and payment, all with automated real-office synchronization.

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