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Merchandising Management
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Strategically market and manage your products.

Play to your customers’ interests by highlighting products based on their shopping habits with Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce’s powerful cross-selling and up-selling features.


Cross-Sell As Many Products As You’d Like

Play to your customers’ interests by highlighting products based on their shopping habits with Ignify Ecommerce’s powerful cross-selling and up-selling features.

Automatically Up-Sell According To Buyer Behavior

Use Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce’s basket analysis feature to automatically map what customers are buying.

Keep track of what customers are actually buying and use the information to suggest items to buyers with similar shopping habits. Up-sell suggestions such as “Customers who bought this also bought” during checkout can help increase sales.

You may also manually assign up-sell and cross-sell products through the Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce Manager Panel quickly and easily. Add a few related products to your most popular product pages and see how it can drive sales of your lesser known merchandise.

Give Your Customers Choice

Set up unlimited product attribute and map each combination to SKUs set up in your accounting system.

Customers can easily indicate which variants they’d like to view or purchase, such as style, color, or size, and can see specific item information instantly for the combination chosen including a unique price or the stock status of the chosen combination.

Get unlimited flexibility with the merchandising capabilities of Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce

Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce supports an unlimited number of attributes. Each item can be assigned to an attribute group and each attribute group can have its set of unique attributes. For example items belonging to the Apparel class may have the attributes as size, style and color while items belonging to the Electronic class may have wattage and color as their attributes.

Finally get the ability to add start or release dates and expiration dates for products so that you can address seasonality as well as setup items before they release to the market.

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