Hitachi Solutions B2C Commerce

A B2C Ecommerce solution designed to provide a true omnichannel experience for Microsoft Dynamics.
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Truly personalized customer journeys.

Hitachi Solutions B2C Commerce is designed to seamlessly sync with your Microsoft Dynamics business applications. This tight integration enables you to tailor the online experience to each customer’s specifications, reduce data duplication, speed transaction processing, and provide a unified global view of real-time data and activities.

With Hitachi Solutions B2C Commerce you can:

  • Provide a personalized and unified customer journey
  • Better manage product merchandising, promotions, and pricing
  • Improve customer service and retention while reducing costs
  • Increase visibility for accurate customer and sales data
  • Speed checkout and increase conversions
  • Simplify back-office operations

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B2C Commerce

Maximize your reach and improve customer retention by giving shoppers the truly personalized customer journey they expect with Microsoft Dynamics-integrated B2C technology.

B2C Optimized
Pre-built workflows and process templates provide a responsive, configurable user interface with rich content, one-page checkout, multiple templates, and built-in CMS.

Merchandising Management
Strategically market and manage products to appeal directly to customer interests, enhance product branding, and cross-sell and upsell based on buyer behavior.

Increase online revenues with marketing promotions, including discounts, coupons, incentives, and loyalty rewards programs.

Social Media Integration
Leverage social media channels to post promotions and marketing campaigns, and to enable sharing and following.

Multiple Payment Options
System accepts over 20 payment gateways, integrates with all major shipping carriers and third-party tax providers, and supports multiple currencies and languages.

Native SEO
Improve search engine optimization for your web store with native SEO capabilities, such as SEO URLs, product pages, page tagging, product reviews, and more.

Features & Modules

Order Entry: Fast, Agile B2C Order Processing

Automate and speed the order entry process. B2C Commerce Order Entry’s centralized order platform links your existing business systems from mobile devices for fast, cost-effective fulfillment and improved customer service.

Web-Based Portal
Create new orders, look up account and customer history, and view and edit orders that have yet to be processed via an intuitive Excel-like interface.

Integrated Marketing
Set up alerts for instant rebates, send cross-sell and upsell cues to salespeople and CSRs, and get support for promo codes and gift certificates.

Customer Management
View customer history with statistics, customer preferential levels and VIP status, and set customer-specific pricing based on price lists or trade agreements.

Alerts and Indicators
Set up fraud alerts and alerts for issues with orders and automatically put orders on hold that meet certain criteria.

Mobile Support
Optimized support for tablet platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

B2C Order Processing
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