Hitachi Solutions B2B Commerce

A B2B Ecommerce solution built with manufacturers and distributors in mind.
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Build Better Customer Relationships

Hitachi Solutions B2B Commerce is designed to provide a user-friendly system rich in B2B functionality. B2B Commerce strengthens customer relationships by offering products more attuned to customers’ needs and activities. B2B seamlessly syncs with Microsoft Dynamics business applications.

With Hitachi Solutions B2B Commerce, you will:

  • Increase conversions by improving native design functionality and streamlining checkout
  • Gain complete oversight over each online store’s activity and customer needs
  • Empower your customers with a self-service “My Account” portal
  • Provide the highest security standards with PCI compliance

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B2B Commerce Breakdown

Expand your customer reach, revenue, and value with B2B Commerce.

B2B Optimized
Pre-built workflows and process templates provide a responsive, configurable user interface that supports customers-specific catalogs and pricing, and provides intuitive and robust search capability.

Enable customers to manage their own accounts with order tracking, online invoice payments, access to order and invoice history, and more.

Multiple Payment Options
System accepts over 20 payment gateways, integrates with all major shipping carriers and third-party tax providers, and supports multiple currencies and languages.

Segment Customers
Filter you customer base down to a particular customer category, and then view the order history details of each individual in that category. Set default payment methods, shipping method restrictions, and more by customer category.

Personalized ecommerce
Create customer-level pricing on product categories or specific items and personalize your store based on the customer.

Features & Modules

Customer Portal

Provide your customers with the convenience and consistency they expect with self-service, all while freeing up your CSRs.

Enhanced Self-Service
View complete order and invoice history, including aging statements, and pay invoices online.

Instantly Log in and View Invoices
Robust and responsive search functionality allows for quick and easy invoice searches.

Electronic Payments
Log in and make payments for open options. System supports multiple payment options and enables customers to self-maintain bank account and credit card wallet information.

Order Entry: Fast, Agile B2B Order Processing

Automate and speed the order entry process. B2B Commerce Order Entry’s centralized order platform links your existing business systems from mobile devices for fast, cost-effective fulfillment and improved customer service.

Web-Based Portal
Create new orders, look up account and customer history, and view and edit orders that have yet to be processed via an intuitive Excel-like interface.

Integrated Marketing
Set up alerts for instant rebates, send cross-sell and upsell cues to salespeople and CSRs, and get support for promo codes and gift certificates.

Customer Management
View customer history with statistics, customer preferential levels and VIP status, and set customer-specific pricing based on price lists or trade agreements.

Alerts and Indicators
Set up fraud alerts and alerts for issues with orders and automatically put orders on hold that meet certain criteria.

Mobile Support
Optimized support for tablet platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows.

B2B order Processing
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