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Customer Specific Pricing

Set pricing for B2B customers by specific discounts by:

  • Customer level (e.g. Diamond, Gold, Silver)
  • Item category discounts by customer level (e.g. 5% discount on books category @ Gold level, 10% discount for books category @ Diamond level)
  • Item discounts by customer level
  • Customer-based pricing from ERP based on Price List

On Account and PO-based orders

  • Allow customers to place orders based on POs
  • Show outstanding balance to customers versus allowed credit limit
  • Show over credit limit notices
  • Allow customers to pay off balances* * Requires ERP advanced integration module if payments have to reflect back in the ERP

Multiple users per customer account

Allow multiple logins and user names per customer account.
  • Users can have separate address books*Regular users see their orders only
  • Admin user can see orders by all users
  • Allow individual users to set email preferences for order confirmations, shipping notifications

Serving Customers like never before – “B2B is about higher customer value”

Segment Customers by Customer Class
  • Setup customers as part of a customer class e.g. Corporate, Reseller, Retail, Government
  • Allow payment methods (Credit Card, Check, Wire, On Account) by customer class
  • Set default payment method by customer class
  • Charge tax by customer class e.g. no tax for reseller customer class
  • Allow shipping methods (UPS Ground, FedEx Overnight etc.) by customer class
  • Set default shipping method by customer class

Import Orders and Customers

  • Support for Importing Customers, Addresses and Orders in XML format from other 3rd party system (e.g. mail order catalog system)
  • If order is for existing customer, new customer is not created and order is logged against existing customer
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