Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce

The Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce System provides you with an end-to-end Web-based system that provides full Ecommerce capabilities and integrates with your accounting system, shipping system, inventory system and more.


Our Ecommerce system integrates with:

Microsoft Dynamics AX  |  Microsoft Dynamics CRM  |  Microsoft Dynamics GP  |  Microsoft Dynamics NAV  |  Microsoft Dynamics SL  |  Sage MAS 90/200/500

Multi-Store Order Management Desk

  • Manage multiple online stores through one order management interface
  • Find orders (by email, customer name, customer address, zip code)
  • View order history
  • Multiple order status (new, being processed, fraud, hold, complete, cancelled)

Multi-Level Product/Service Catalog

  • An interface to view the latest prices and stock status about products
  • Mark up/down your prices by category, manufacturer or product
  • Add/remove products from the catalog

System Configurator

Customized product configuration combined with a quoting engine that provides a self-serve interface to customers.

Advanced Shopping Cart

Integrated shopping cart with address book for multiple shipping addresses.

Multiple Payment Facilities

Support for:

  • All major payment processors (Verisign,, PaymentTech, Wells Fargo and more)
  • All major merchant account providers
  • PayPal
  • PO-based orders
  • Checks/ Cashier’s check
  • Advanced auto fraud monitoring

Credit and cash customers are serviced via credit monitoring and payment gateways respectively.

Integrated Shipping and Fulfillment

  • Track orders: Real-time tracking information for customers
  • Automated shipping notification to customers
  • Support for FedEx, UPS, DHL and United States Postal Service
  • Auto-Packaging functionality (Best Box Selector)
  • Support for drop ship orders

RMA & Returns Management

  • Setup multiple return policies – replace, refund (Full, Partial)
  • Returns Policy Editor
  • Automated RMA generation (manual option available)
  • Return period expiration tracking
  • Returns reporting
  • Return Life Cycle Management

Advanced Customer Management

Powerful tools for managing your customer database.

  • Update customer information (Bill To/ Ship To information)
  • Place orders for customers via a sales desk
  • View customer history across multiple stores

Seamless ERP Integration

  • Microsoft Axapta
  • Microsoft Great Plains
  • Microsoft Solomon
  • Sage MAS 90/ 200
  • Sage MAS 500

Real-Time Reporting

  • Sales by item
  • Sales by department
  • Sales by section
  • Sales by category
  • Sales by payment method
  • Top N selling items
  • Top customers
  • Average, median size of order for each report
  • Total $ sales value for each report
  • Repeat customer report
  • Campaign reporting: sales by promotion
  • Chart-based reporting
  • Average, median size of order for each report
  • Total $ sales value for each report

Marketing Campaign Management

  • Campaign and promotions management
  • Item promotions
  • Shipping promotions
  • Category promotions
  • Total order promotions
  • Search engine optimization
  • Automated product page titles
  • ALT-TAG for images
  • Sales order desk

Merchandising Management

  • Automated cross-sell on checkout
  • Related products
  • Up-sell product management
  • Drop-ship product support with email notification to vendors

Ecommerce Merchandising Management

Strategically market and manage your products.

Play to your customers’ interests by highlighting products based on their shopping habits with Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce’s powerful cross-selling and up-selling features.


Cross-Sell As Many Products As You’d Like

Play to your customers’ interests by highlighting products based on their shopping habits with Ignify Ecommerce’s powerful cross-selling and up-selling features.

Automatically Up-Sell According To Buyer Behavior

Use Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce’s basket analysis feature to automatically map what customers are buying.

Keep track of what customers are actually buying and use the information to suggest items to buyers with similar shopping habits. Up-sell suggestions such as “Customers who bought this also bought” during checkout can help increase sales.

You may also manually assign up-sell and cross-sell products through the Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce Manager Panel quickly and easily. Add a few related products to your most popular product pages and see how it can drive sales of your lesser known merchandise.

Give Your Customers Choice

Set up unlimited product attribute and map each combination to SKUs set up in your accounting system.

Customers can easily indicate which variants they’d like to view or purchase, such as style, color, or size, and can see specific item information instantly for the combination chosen including a unique price or the stock status of the chosen combination.

Get unlimited flexibility with the merchandising capabilities of Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce

Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce supports an unlimited number of attributes. Each item can be assigned to an attribute group and each attribute group can have its set of unique attributes. For example items belonging to the Apparel class may have the attributes as size, style and color while items belonging to the Electronic class may have wattage and color as their attributes.

Finally get the ability to add start or release dates and expiration dates for products so that you can address seasonality as well as setup items before they release to the market.

Ecommerce Promotions

A good marketing campaign can successfully increase your online revenues.

Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce will give you the tools you need to create your next campaign easily.


Through the Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce Manager Panel, create, maintain, and track your marketing promotions and coupons in a few simple steps. Promotions you set up instantly show on the storefront in your own words, displayed prominently so your customers see what your store has to offer right away.

Our Ecommerce Marketing & Campaign module allows you to:

  • Create unlimited order, category, shipping, and item promotions
  • Generate sales by coupon and sales by promotion reports to track
  • Add usage restrictions to promotions such as one-time use only, available to the first N customers

Setup unlimited discounts / coupons by item, category, shipping method, or for the entire order

Highlight a particular product or category or reward repeat shoppers with discounts and coupons based on your campaign needs.

  • Create unlimited order, category, shipping, and item promotions
  • Generate sales by coupon and sales by promotion reports to track
  • Add usage restrictions to promotions such as one-time use only, available to the first N customers

Promotions may be applied automatically or manually when your customers checkout and enter a coupon code. Discounts / coupons are active through a user-specified time range, or may be changed to inactive through the Manager Panel.

Create promotions and incentives that will keep traffic coming to your store

With bundle promotions, you can create the perfect weekly special to publicize products or help move inventory.

Set up popular incentives such as a “Buy one Get one Free” promotion quickly and easily with our Bundle Promotions. Like regular promotions, Bundle Promotions can be applied automatically or manually for either specific products or sections of the entire store. You can also create promotions based on customer level, which allows you to reward only certain high value customers. You can also add limitations to promotions. For example – allow the promotion to be used only one time per customer or be available only to the first 100 customers. Also add start dates and expiration dates to date range your promotion.

Track your campaigns with Marketing & Campaign’s robust reporting features

Identify your most successful promotions easily with out-of-the-box and customizable reporting. Customize reports by date range/ Coupon ID and view both summary and detailed information. Easily export reports to Excel with a click of a button.

Ecommerce Web Store Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce provides native Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capability for your Ecommerce web store. This includes the following native functionality to improve search engine optimization for your web store.


Search Engine friendly Web addresses and URL for Category Pages.

SEO Product Pages

Search Engine Optimized Product Detail Page. Every product page is automatically built to be a landing page.

Landing Pages

Search engine optimized with content and product information.

Page Tagging

Automatic generation of HTML Page titles, meta tags, key words with the ability to override this content.

Alternate Tags

(ALT TAGs) for Images. Alternate Images can be automatically generated based on item names with the ability to be over-ridden by a store manager.


Detailed product content that helps improve your search engine ranking.

Product Reviews

Editorial and customer reviews that help improve your search engine rankings. Ability to choose which reviews to display on the product page.

Conversion Funnel

Integration with Google Analytics to track conversion with a funnel showing conversion across your web store checkout process.

B2B Ecommerce Solutions

Customer Specific Pricing

Set pricing for B2B customers by specific discounts by:

  • Customer level (e.g. Diamond, Gold, Silver)
  • Item category discounts by customer level (e.g. 5% discount on books category @ Gold level, 10% discount for books category @ Diamond level)
  • Item discounts by customer level
  • Customer-based pricing from ERP based on Price List

On Account and PO-based orders

  • Allow customers to place orders based on POs
  • Show outstanding balance to customers versus allowed credit limit
  • Show over credit limit notices
  • Allow customers to pay off balances* * Requires ERP advanced integration module if payments have to reflect back in the ERP

Multiple users per customer account

Allow multiple logins and user names per customer account.
  • Users can have separate address books*Regular users see their orders only
  • Admin user can see orders by all users
  • Allow individual users to set email preferences for order confirmations, shipping notifications

Serving Customers like never before – “B2B is about higher customer value”

Segment Customers by Customer Class
  • Setup customers as part of a customer class e.g. Corporate, Reseller, Retail, Government
  • Allow payment methods (Credit Card, Check, Wire, On Account) by customer class
  • Set default payment method by customer class
  • Charge tax by customer class e.g. no tax for reseller customer class
  • Allow shipping methods (UPS Ground, FedEx Overnight etc.) by customer class
  • Set default shipping method by customer class

Import Orders and Customers

  • Support for Importing Customers, Addresses and Orders in XML format from other 3rd party system (e.g. mail order catalog system)
  • If order is for existing customer, new customer is not created and order is logged against existing customer