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As your business needs grow, your D365 implementation needs change as well. However, adding users, changing rules, or extending new functionality can be expensive, time-consuming, and resource intensive.

D365 Success Tools give you the power and control to easily and cost-effectively manage your system yourself – without code, consultants, or IT. Not only does this allow you to effortlessly keep pace with technology, it provides even more value on an ongoing basis.

My Contracts

My Contracts is a “light” contract management system that allows you to automate submissions of executed and non-standard contracts, as well as RFPs for compliance and legal approval.

Easy-to-Implement Tools That Add Value to Your D365 Implementation
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Rules Engine

The Rules Engine provides a flexible, easy-to-use automation infrastructure that allows non-developers to quickly build out business logic, evaluate it in action, and make adjustments as needs change. This means you can define your own high-level business rules without complex custom coding. And because you are implementing rules and not scripting, there’s no developer needed.

This ability to create and change your own rules quickly and easily simplifies code, reduces developer time, and enhances scalability. Ultimately, this saves you thousands on project costs and reduces maintenance time and resources.

Easy to learn and use, the rules you develop can be used for other platforms such as mobile, PDF printing, reporting, and more. And, all rules generated with the Rules Engine are stored in a centralized repository for easy access.

Rules Engine
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