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D365 Essential Tools include pre-built plug-ins, libraries, and other tools that help you shortcut costly add-ons and complex integrations so that your Hitachi Solutions team can quickly deliver a higher-quality, lower-cost business solution.

These innovative tools also automate new upgrades and Microsoft releases. You are assured your implementation is always in sync with the latest functionality and you never have to manually recreate customizations because they were wiped out by a new release.

Java Script Library

The JavaScript Library is a collection of custom classes and functions that greatly simplify the customization of forms in Microsoft Dynamics 365. There are over 100 client-side scripts that handle everything from simple user interface enhancements to sophisticated data management and presentation.

These templates provide business rules consistency that accelerate initial implementation. Plus, they are automatically updated with each new release. Overall, the result is a faster, more reliable D365 implementation that is always up to date as well as easier and less expensive to maintain.

Plug-In Library

Quickly deliver CRM that’s customized to your business. This collection of tools and plug-ins enable you to address common CRM scenarios without custom-coding or the purchase of third-party apps.

Now you can simplify and accelerate implementation to better focus on what is unique to your business — not on building solution infrastructure.

plug in library
Work Smoothly Through Future Upgrades and Platform Releases to Effortlessly Keep Pace With Technology
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Effective Grid

Effective Grid is a managed tool that enables quick and flexible data entry. It provides a configurable grid that makes data access, editing, and organization more efficient and user-friendly.

The tool uniquely facilitates returning specific data in a grid format to enhance a user’s ability to manage data records and edit them in-line all at once. It can also be leveraged in custom search applications.

Dynamic Grouping Table

The Dynamic Grouping Table tool provides a customizable grid that allows you to group different entity records and embed pivot-like tables within your D365 forms.

Integration Framework

This tool provides system integrators with a simple, editable grid interface for creating mappings to external data based on the current entity field configurations.

Results are displayed through a D365 Power App dashboard.

Package Manager

Package Manager makes all your Hitachi Solutions IP available in a centralized location from within the D365 environment. This self-service capability makes it quick and easy for you to manage and keep your implementation up to date.

Package Manager

Solution Explorer

Solution Explorer provides detailed information about your customizations from within the D365 environment. The helpful tool includes robust reporting, ignores out-of-box metadata, identifies third-party solutions, and suggests best practices.


Embed Lists in Emails

Now you can select which lists can be embedded in your emails from within D365. You can embed lists of the System View, Private View, and Generic Fetch XML into your email and test before sending.

Post-to-email Generator

This convenient add-on bridges the gap between D365 and Exchange by automatically generating an email when you make a post in D365. Interested parties can be tagged or subscribe, so they are instantly notified whenever there’s a record or account change without having to log in to D365.

Seamless and automatic, this feature makes it easy and effortless to keep everyone up to date.

Post-to-email Generator
Accelerate Development, Reduce Delivery and Maintenance Costs, and Automate Updates with D365 Essential Tools
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