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At the end of the day, the success of your D365 implementation depends on how comfortable your users feel. D365 Adoption Tools include innovative solutions that streamline and simplify the overall user experience, making it more intuitive and easier to use. This helps improve user adoption, productivity, and satisfaction

360⁰ Tiles

D365 forms often contain more sections and fields than necessary for a given record, which makes finding pertinent data challenging. 360°​ Tiles gives you a single view of all relevant information, saving time and eliminating the need to hunt around for the necessary data. The solution offers a complete 360° view of customer data in the form of tabs and tiles, supporting D365 in both on-premise and online environments.

360 Degree Tiles

Activity Notes

Ensure more transparency for customers with Activity Notes. More robust than out-of-the-box notes fields in D365, Activity Notes can be referenced against multiple entities. This allows you to create a formatted note with time and date stamp, which can live on multiple contacts, accounts, or custom records. A single note can be associated with many records and record types and the notes are searchable.

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Household Visualization

Quickly view households and the breakdown of the bank’s wallet share among family members with Household Visualization. It gives you a graphical understanding of how contact records in D365 are related to each other and allows you to quickly see the consolidated and individual wallet share of each household member.

The solution can be easily customized to display different information about the contact entities referenced. ​

Household Vizualization
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Multi-tag is a custom plug-in that allows you to quickly and easily tag multiple entities to any other entity or entities. Its back-end user interface enables rapid configuration and an unlimited number or type of entities can be tagged.

One View Calendar

This calendar can be configured to embed one or more D365 entities — such as meetings, phone calls, or anything else with a date – on a day, week, or month calendar view. This helps you to quickly and easily maintain and monitor records. It also supports an API that allows for custom buttons and click events.

Personal Notes

This tool allows you to securely capture contact and company notes while in D365 and still keep them private – even from the system administrator if required. Only you – or people you give permission to – can see the notes. Saving with Personal Notes in D365 instead of maintaining paper copies means they are backed up regularly and can never be lost or stolen. You can rest assured they will remain completely confidential.

Personal Notes

Relationship Hierarchy

Relationship Hierarchy is a graphic tool that allows you to gain great insight through a graphical representation of relationships among entities. Easy to use, it helps you navigate through accounts, contacts, and other entities in D365 and provides a visual understanding of how records are related to each other. Users can also quickly see where an account exists in a complex relationship structure.

The SharePoint-like solution can be easily customized for your specific needs.