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Oil and Gas companies are some of the most influential organizations in the world, but they have experienced a roller coaster of market changes in recent years, causing many to rethink their organizational systems. Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft have worked alongside many oil and gas companies to help them digitally transform their businesses in preparation for what lies ahead and manage the ever-evolving challenges facing the industry.

Today, the oil and gas industry must contend with a host of challenges, including:

  • Pricing volatility
  • Limited resources
  • Increased focus on sustainability
  • Security
  • Aging assets

Microsoft Dynamics combined with the power of business intelligence and analytics provide a powerful tool set to help your oil and gas organization face these challenges to thrive in the current market and prepare for what comes next.


Solving Your Challenges

Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft offer oil and gas organizations the benefit of a flexible platform of integrated products and services based on a mobile-first, cloud-first approach. With hyper-scale cloud infrastructure, Microsoft and Hitachi can help your oil and gas organization digitally transform by utilizing the latest technologies to improve operations, empower employees, transform your products and engage customers.



Digital Transformation

Engage your customers:

Consumers today expect more. With the holistic toolset offered by Microsoft, including social listening, advanced analytics, multi-channel marketing and more, you can transform how your company manages customer engagement from beginning to end.

Empower employees:

Supply chains regulations are becoming more complex. Give your employees the tools they need to become more agile and responsive to customer needs. With Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft, you can create an always connected work environment the supports global collaboration and improves productivity.

Optimize operations:

The oil and gas industry is complex, requiring businesses to seamlessly manage people, facilities and processes every day. With Hitachi Solutions you can collect, store, analyze and visualize large volumes of operational data from a wealth of internal and external sources to increase agility and drive better-informed, faster decision making.

Transform your products:

In an increasingly competitive environment, manufacturers must be on the edge of innovation, continually delivering new value to customers. By leveraging the Microsoft stack in combination with Hitachi’s industry expertise you can align new ideas with current priorities and improve the flow of information, letting you bring new products to market faster while generating new revenue streams.

Why Hitachi Solutions?

The team at Hitachi Solutions has been helping oil and gas companies unlock digital experiences through the power of the Microsoft platform since 2004. Today, we are using our experience to help oil and gas companies expose key data and use advanced analytics to support better decision making while maintaining business agility.

Hitachi Solutions is uniquely positioned to help your oil and gas organization grow for several reasons:

  • We are focused solely on Microsoft technology.
  • We leverage our in-house data analytics team to help you take your Microsoft technology even further.
  • Our industry IP lets us deliver a tailored solution so you can get up and running in weeks, not months.