Managed Services

Features and Capabilities

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Instant Responses to Over 15,000 Questions

  • Utilizing the Microsoft knowledge base and bot service you’ll get instant answers to any issues that have been previously reported by other customers
  • If your issue is new, the bot will create a support issue email and notify the appropriate response team

Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

  • Continuous performance monitoring of your on-premises and cloud deployments
  • Interpret the performance data from LCS to your solution
  • Monitor SQL and middle-tier application servers, backup jobs, server and network infrastructure, resource consumption
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Release Management and Source Code Management

  • Prevent issues by keeping your systems up-to-date and utilizing the latest releases such as hotfixes, security updates and more
  • Interpet what updates coming for Office 365, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Sales, Field Service and more mean for your environment, to ensure releases don’t break other applications
  • Successfully apply hotfixes to ensure systems are backed up and running

Application Integration

  • Connect cloud and on-premises systems for a streamlined, richer workflow
  • Support for Office 365 also included
  • Software, support and hosting/hardware needs can be covered in one simple, monthly operating expense
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