Don’t Go It Alone. Let Hitachi Solutions Help You Manage, Maintain and Evolve Your Microsoft Systems.

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Rely on your dedicated team of technical and functional support experts

Transformation of any kind is a journey and that is certainly true of digital transformation. To successfully and efficiently transform your business, it helps to have a guide who can lead the way, who has done it before, who can warn of dangers and provide encouragement in the face of obstacles.

  • Dedicated team of product support experts — including a functional lead, technical lead and developer
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure your needs are being met and advise you on new features and functionality from Microsoft
  • Expert support teams — located around the world for highly responsive coverage

Predictable low-cost alternative to enhance and support your existing Microsoft Dynamics systems

At Hitachi Solutions, we believe that the customer is our most valuable partner. This is why we take the time to completely and thoroughly understand your business and goals. By starting with your desired end result and working backwards from there, we are able to ensure that the solution we implement will have a profound and lasting impact on your business.

A successful implementation is more than just delivering the right technology; it is delivering the right expert advice on how to implement and handle risk management so that you end up with a solution that has been precisely molded for your specific business needs.

Uniform and consistent service across every geography

Managed Services feels just like having an in-house expert team, with all those rare skillsets, on the other end of the phone, email, IM, Skype, Lync, or whatever communication channel works best for you. We’ll even meet you at the local café just to catch up and make sure things are running the way you want. No matter where your offices are located, you’ll have a team member within close proximity and ready to assist.

Keep your offices from North America to Europe to the Asia Pacific consistent and supported.

Ready to reinvent your business solutions?

Our Managed Services team is standing by, ready to get you set up on Live 365 or to answer your questions.