Expert Support for All Your Microsoft Products

Hitachi Solutions Managed Services


Hitachi Solutions Managed Services gives you expert, post go-live support, preventative maintenance capabilities and issue based break fix maintenance for your entire suite of Microsoft solutions from CRM to ERP.

With 24/7 access to a dedicated team of support professionals, Managed Services ensures you always have an expert to turn to. We’ll deal with any unexpected roadblocks and ensure your systems stay up-to-date, while you focus on moving your business forward.

Hitachi Solutions is a Proud Microsoft Certified partner. We have:

Dedicated Consultants
Microsoft Partner Awards

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late. Protect Your Systems to Avoid Unexpected Downtime.

In a cloud first world, updates and patches are regularly released for security fixes, hot fixes and vulnerabilities. That’s why keeping your systems up-to-date is more important than ever — to ensure that updates are applied and your data is secure.

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Expert, Worldwide Support, When You Need It

  • 24/7 access with consistent support around the globe
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager for each customer available on your time zone
  • Proactive maintenance and continuous improvement
  • Local and international dedicated support
  • Knowledge base based on our customers in North America and Europe
  • Bot service deployed for immediate responses
  • Single company to help you with business applications, collaborative tools and data analytics
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Expertise for All Microsoft Solutions

Unlike other providers, we have product experts for all Microsoft applications. Let us help you improve, manage and maintain your entire Microsoft ecosystem be it on the cloud, on-premises or a co-existence environment.

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Let Hitachi Solutions Guide You Toward Success

Transformation of any kind is a journey and that is certainly true of digital transformation. It does not stop when you “Go Live,” in fact it has just begun. To successfully and efficiently transform your business, it helps to have a guide who can lead the way, who has done it before, who can warn of dangers and provide encouragement in the face of obstacles.

That’s where Hitachi Solutions Managed Services comes in.

As you take the next step on your digital journey, Hitachi Solutions can help you take your vision from conception to execution through data-driven decision making. With decades of experience in industry verticals, Hitachi Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide expert support services when it comes to maintaining and making the most of your Microsoft software.

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