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Hitachi Solutions Managed Services

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Hitachi Solutions Managed Services gives you expert, post go-live support, preventative maintenance capabilities and issue-based break fix maintenance for your entire suite of Microsoft solutions from CRM to ERP, and more.

As a Microsoft Managed Services partner, we provide 24/7 access to a dedicated team of support professionals, so you always have an expert to turn to. We’ll deal with any unexpected roadblocks and ensure your systems stay up-to-date, while you focus on moving your business forward.

Hitachi Solutions is a Proud Microsoft Managed Services partner. We have:

Dedicated Consultants
Microsoft Partner Awards

Expertise for All Microsoft Solutions

Unlike other providers, we have product experts for many Microsoft applications. Let us help you improve, manage and maintain your entire Microsoft ecosystem be it on the cloud, on-premises or a co-existence environment.

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Expert, Worldwide Support, When You Need It

  • 24/7 access with consistent support around the globe
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager for each customer available on your time zone
  • Proactive maintenance and continuous improvement
  • Local and international dedicated support
  • Knowledge base based on our customers in North America and Europe
  • Bot service deployed for immediate responses
  • Single company to help you with business applications, collaborative tools and data analytics
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Let Hitachi Solutions Guide You Toward Success

As you take the next step on your digital journey, Hitachi Solutions can help you take your vision from conception to execution through data-driven decision making. With decades of experience in industry verticals, Hitachi Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide expert support services when it comes to maintaining and making the most of your Microsoft software.

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When you sign up for Microsoft Managed Services you receive your own regional customer success manager along with a dedicated offshore manager, to ensure you are always covered — whether you need support domestically or abroad.

Rely on your dedicated team of technical and functional support experts

  • Dedicated team of product support experts — including a functional lead, technical lead and developer
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure your needs are being met and advise you on new features and functionality from Microsoft
  • Expert support teams — located around the world for highly responsive coverage

Plus, you’ll gain access to a knowledge base of over 15,000 issues Hitachi Solutions has previously worked through with hundreds of customers. If your issue has been reported before, the automatic bot will provide you with an instantaneous response.


Predictable low-cost alternative to enhance and support your existing Microsoft Dynamics systems

With a solution from a Microsoft Managed Services partner, you can subscribe to the expert hours you need and use them however you choose. Our team of experts work with you to tackle priorities and provide support for the entire suite of Dynamics 365. Or if you’re looking for a dedicated team of experts to act as an extension of your own team, we can provide that as well, giving you the flexibility to scale up or down as needed.

Features & Capabilities

With Microsoft Managed Services from Hitachi, you will get:

Instant Responses to Over 15,000 Questions

  • Utilizing the Microsoft Managed Services knowledge base you’ll get instant answers to any issues that have been previously reported by other customers
  • If your issue is new, the bot will create a support issue email and notify the appropriate response team

Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

  • Continuous performance monitoring of on-premises and cloud deployments, middle-tier application servers, backup jobs, server and network infrastructure, and resource consumption
  • Interpret the performance data from LCS to your solution
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Release Management and Source Code Management

  • Prevent issues by keeping your systems up-to-date and utilizing the latest releases such as hotfixes, security updates and more to ensure your systems are backed up and running
  • Interpret what updates coming for Office 365, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Sales, Field Service and more mean for your environment, to ensure releases don’t break other applications

Application Integration

  • Connect cloud and on-premises systems for a streamlined, richer workflow
  • Software, support and hosting/hardware needs can be covered in one simple, monthly operating expense
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Why Hitachi Solutions?

We want to be your most valuable Microsoft Managed Services partner, even after your implementation is live.

We have won more Microsoft Partner of the Year and Customer Excellence awards than any other provider, thanks in part to our unique approach among global systems integrators of focusing solely on Microsoft Dynamics and related software. With offices and teams around the world, we offer deep industry knowledge and a broad global reach, meaning we are big enough to truly scale, and yet focused enough to care about you and your business.

Ready to reinvent your business solutions?

Our Managed Services team is standing by, ready to get you set up on Live 365 or to answer your questions.