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Subscription Based, Post-Live Support

Hitachi Solutions Live Services offers Microsoft users “post live” support and consultative services through an ongoing subscription based plan. By providing customers with a dedicated team of product support professionals, Hitachi Solutions Live Services delivers deep and continuous customer engagement at all levels; building a relationship that can be relied on to remove roadblocks and move the client’s business forward. Available for all Microsoft Dynamics products, Hitachi Solutions Live Services can even take the place of an in-house IT team by providing 24/7 live support and expert advice.

Live 365 Makes it Easy for You to Manage, Maintain and Evolve on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Live 365 ensures you never have to worry about managing your suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 products, including Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM. And as your business evolves we will be there to guide you as you grow, keeping your systems up-to-date and ready for tomorrow.

Live 365 Offers:

  • Predictable low-cost alternative to enhance and support existing Microsoft Dynamics systems.
  • Monthly service includes a dedicated team of technical and functional consultants able to fulfill all Dynamics 365 and AX needs.
  • Three tiers of service. Silver and Gold plans include onshore/onsite deep engagement hours for directional decisions, architectural input and strategic consultation.
  • Hours can be used however the client chooses, examples include: add new functionality and features, improve performance and usability, develop richer reports, and fix something the broke.

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Live 365 Services Features and Capabilities

With Hitachi Solutions’ Live you can subscribe to the expert hours you need and use them however you choose. A team of highly skilled experts will work with you to tackle priorities and provide support for the entire suite of Dynamics 365 including: new functionality and reports; enhancements and application integration; staying up to date on current versions, fixes and patches.

Expert Support

  • Subscriptions range from dedicated business hours support to 24x7x365 production SLAs. Expert support teams are located around the world for highly responsive coverage.
  • Dedicated team of product support experts — including a functional lead, technical lead and developer — work with the customer in close continual contact.
  • Live 365 feels just like having an in-house expert team, with all those rare skillsets.

Proactive Monitoring of Availability and Performance

  • Anticipate and prepare for upgrades within a predictable subscription framework.
  • Templated upgrade and migration processes.
  • Functionality Extensions – clients can add features and function, however large or small, at their own pace.
  • Continual attention to keeps systems patched, secure and up to date.

Application Integration

  • Connect cloud and on-premise systems, streamlining for richer workflow and insights.
  • Support for Office 365 also included.
  • Software, support and hosting/hardware needs can be covered in one simple, monthly operating expense.

Low Cost and Pricing Flexibility

  • Right-sized Bronze, Silver, Gold and Live Plus subscriptions cater to business needs at any scale.
  • Predictable low-cost alternative to enhance and support existing Microsoft systems.
  • Addresses the need for multiple skillsets at an affordable price.
  • Optimized blend of onshore and offshore resources to keep costs and risks to a minimum.
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