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    SharePoint Online Integration with CRM On-Premise

    As a pre-sales consultant here at Hitachi Solutions, I often run into the issue of not being able to connect SharePoint online with my CRM On-Prem demo environment. I felt it would be helpful to share my insight and what I have found to be the fix to a successful connection. In this blog post I will highlight the step by step process to successfully integrating SharePoint online to your CRM On-Prem environment and other resources needed to complete the install.

    Lets Get Started

    In the past when trying to make the connection with the two environments, I would try to use the standard SharePoint URL that comes with the environment and found that it will always error out. I found that it was necessary to create a new SharePoint site and point the CRM environment to that. In a few screen shots below I will walk you through how to create the new site in the administration section of o365 and use that site to connect to CRM.

    Step One: Create a new SharePoint site in O365 Admin


    Step Two: Create New SharePoint Site


    Step Three: Give SharePoint Site a Unique Name and Assign Site Administrator


    Step Four: Click Into the New Site Created and Install List Component

    You will need to go and download the list component here. Make sure you download the correct file based on your SharePoint version and upload and activate. The CRM list component makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM documents that are stored on SharePoint available to you in a format that has the look and feel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This feature also enables CRM to automatically create folders that will be used to store documents related to CRM records on SharePoint.


    *Remember to activate the solution after install*

    Final Steps

    Now we are ready to make the connection to CRM On-Prem. In CRM, select Settings > Document Management > Document Management Settings. Here you will want to copy and paste the new SharePoint site URL created and select which CRM entities you would like to enable Document Management. Click next and you will be prompted to select how you would like to view your folder structure per entity. Once selected, by clicking next you will start the integration process and document library creation.

    *SharePoint document integration at the opportunity entity*

    Final Thoughts

    I hope this step by step process has been helpful and will eliminate some pain and suffering when trying to integrate SharePoint online with CRM On-Prem.

    Happy Document Sharing!