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    Santa’s Elves Keep the Reindeer in Tip-Top Shape with Dynamics 365 for Field Service

    In order to make Christmas morning joyous, a ton of work occurs ahead of, and during, the night of Christmas Eve. Santa’s elves are tasked with numerous duties, one of which is reindeer upkeep. And while Santa’s workshop has used Dynamics CRM for years, this year the elves have a new tool at their disposal: Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Dynamics 365 for Field Service is a fantastic option for preventive maintenance, work order management, scheduling and resource management, and more.

    Preventive Maintenance

    Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows preventive maintenance work orders to be automatically generated based on set intervals, thereby allowing the elves to ensure the reindeer are in the best shape leading up to 12/24.

    A few preventive maintenance work orders for each reindeer include:

    • Monthly flea inspection
    • Quarterly flight testing
    • Semi-annual dental exam
    • Annual rabies vaccination

    Each work order can have service tasks associated so that the elf responsible for completion knows the exact steps to perform and the estimated time each task should take. Performing preventive maintenance on a routine basis increases uptime and lessens the chance of downtime.

    Work Order Management

    Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows for work order management, including real-time data capture and automatic work order creation. IoT devices monitor and capture each reindeer’s vital signs as the night of 12/24 churns on and as signs of dehydration appear, this data is captured in Dynamics 365 and triggers the automatic creation of work orders to replenish the reindeer with the necessary fluids. Elves can then be dispatched to Santa’s next rooftop location and rehydrate the reindeer accordingly while Santa is delivering gifts.


    Work orders can also be created from a mobile device for unplanned incidents, such as shingle damage that often occurs on roofs during Santa’s takeoffs and landings. Capturing the appropriate detail and location from a mobile device allows detail to be reviewed, elves scheduled and dispatched, and the work performed and completed. And all of this occurs before the unsuspecting homeowners wake on the morning of 12/25.

    Scheduling and Resource Management

    Dynamics 365 for Field Service’s extremely powerful scheduling feature lets schedulers view a calendar-style layout and drag and drop work orders to the appropriate date to schedule. Continuing with the ad hoc shingle damage scenario from above, once Santa creates an ad-hoc work order (from his mobile device no doubt) for the repair, schedulers can immediately be notified and perform the following:

    1. View the issue and location detail (geo coding pinpoints the exact location of the issue)
    2. Review resource requirements and compare with availability (shows availability and skills)
    3. Assign the appropriate elves
    4. Schedule the work and dispatch elves for repair


    Once the elves arrive onsite, the lead elf can use a mobile device to note work has begun and then again to complete the work order once finished. Back at the North Pole, schedulers are able to monitor the list of work order status updates in real time.


    Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Santa’s elves have the reindeer prepared and ready for their Christmas Eve flight due to Field Service’s capabilities.

    And while highlighting how Dynamics 365 for Field Service aids Santa’s elves is certainly entertaining, the reality is that implementing this module is a big win for companies who engage in Field Service. While this post addresses preventive maintenance, work order management and scheduling, additional capabilities include:

    • Asset Tracking
    • Inventory and Purchasing
    • Geo Coding
    • Mobility
    • Portals for Customer Self-Service
    • Power BI
    • And more

    When combined with other CRM functionality such as post-work order generated Voice of the Customer surveys and Power BI for predictive analytics, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service becomes an extremely powerful tool for any operation with Field Service needs. To learn more about how Dynamics 365 for Field Service capabilities can help your organization, contact us today!