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    One More Reason to be Part of the Microsoft Ecosystem: Dynamics CRM and OneNote

    Convergence 2015 left nothing to be desired and there were plenty of dazzling things the Microsoft team had in store, and the Hitachi CRM team is extremely excited to FINALLY be able to talk about the new Spring 2015 enhancements. While there were tons of new features in core 2015 to get excited about, there is one in particular I am pumped to blog about: OneNote and CRM integration!

    So for those of you who don’t know or don’t already use OneNote, it’s an excellent way to keep notes, both personal and business, in an organized, easy to learn format. The tool lets you leverage different “notebooks” for different subjects, deals, opportunities, accounts etc. and you can have different sections and pages within those notebooks. It’s your old school notebook virtualized with all the bells and whistles including the ability to perform global search, record voice notes, hand-write notes and draw, embed images and screen clips, and the ability to attach and link things as well as some other features. It also allows for third party access for easy collaboration with non CRM. But what makes OneNote really great is that it’s FREE. Yes FREE. It’s available on Mac and PCs, and all smart phones and tablets alike. Oh and it’s FREE, did I mention that?

    We use OneNote internally here at Hitachi so we were just waiting for this to eventually be part of our CRM world and now it is! So how exactly is this integration going to work? Well it’s pretty simple actually. The OneNote tab has been added to the social control on the far right next to the regular notes tab which is still there if you want to use it.


    Each OneNote CRM record corresponds to an individual notebook in your OneNote app and it will organize itself appropriately. For Example, Account “Best Customer” has a OneNote in CRM and a Notebook in OneNote app. Also, all users share the same notebook for each record, and all of the notes under the same notebook are associated with the CRM record. It’s so easy!


    So how could you use this for your business? Well since OneNote has apps available across devices AND it allows for third party access, you can view, edit, and collaborate on your notes about your deals, opps, accounts etc. from any device, anywhere. And it’s FREE! This is a pretty great productivity tool, and adding it to the CRM world makes it even better. Before I sign off here, I’ll leave you with a few “Best Practice” tips from the Microsoft team around this new integration.

    • Close notebooks when you no longer need them, it’s better for performance and search.
    • If you are in a hurry, take Quick notes and move the page later.
    • This is currently available for CRM online only, and you need SharePoint integration enabled for your CRM and enabled for the specific record you wish to use the OneNote integration with.

    Happy OneNoting!