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    Manage Gift Cards Using the Dynamics AX Call Center Module

    There is a common requirement in every omni-channel retail ERP implementation that if a customer is using gift cards, then retailers should be able to sell their gift cards from various channels, such as the retail store, ecommerce site, and call center.

    Well, when it comes to the Dynamics AX Retail solution, we all know that we can sell in-store gift cards using Dynamics AX POS. But I am writing this blog to explain how to sell, redeem, and add value to gift cards using the Dynamics AX Call Center module.

    Dynamics AX Retail offers an out-of-the-box gift card function. Features are as follows:

    • Gift cards can be physical cards or electronic cards.
    • A physical card will already have a number printed on it so it needs to be entered while selling it, unlike electronic cards which follow number sequences defined in Dynamics AX. At invoice, the gift card number is issued and an email message generated to the recipient.
    • Funds can be added to gift cards.
    • At sale, AX assigns the revenue to a gift card liability account. At redemption, AX relieves the liability account.Navigate to Product information management> Common> Released products:
    • A service item is created to denote the gift card.

    Dynamics AX Call Center Module Setups and Parameters

    Navigate to Product information management> Common> Released products:

    A service item is created to denote the gift card.


    If bar codes are used for gift cards, this should be set on the item (as usual).

    The recorder gift card liability after its sale will be captured in the “Revenue” account for a gift card item setup under Inventory management > Setup > Posting.


    The created item will be selected in the “Gift card product” field under Retail parameter > Posting fast tab for the system to identify the gift card item during sales order entry.


    The “Gift card company” is the company that holds the liability for gift cards.

    A predefined number sequence needs to be associated as well which will be used to generate the gift card number at order invoice.

    Navigate to Retail > Setup > Payment methods > Payment methods

    A payment method needs to be setup with ‘Default function” as Card to allow customers to pay with a gift card.


    Navigate to Retail > Common > Retail Channels > Call centers

    Attach the gift card payment method to the call center by adding it into the Available Payment methods list for the call center channel.

    Click on “Card setup” button:


    Setup its posting account (when used, relieves the liability account).


    Selling a Gift Card

    Create a sales order for the gift card item, and enter the value in “Unit price”, which will be the Gift card amount.


    Select the gift card type.

    For a Physical card’, enter the recipient name and card number. The gift message is optional (prints on the invoice).


    For an Electronic card’, enter the recipient name and email. The gift message would be included in the email to the recipient.


    At invoice, the electronic gift card number is issued and we can see the liability post in the general ledger.


    The generated gift cards can be viewed at Retail> Inquiries> Gift card:


    The number issued is the electronic sequence that was set in the retail parameters.

     Accepting Gift card a Payment method:

    We can accept the gift card for payment on a sales order:


    Note the message when exceeded:


    After a successful payment (reducing the amount to face value or less), the liability is relieved:


    We can always view the outstanding gift card liability at Retail> Inquiries> Gift card:


    Add Value

    To add funds to the issued gift card (from any channel), follow the below steps:

    Navigate to Call center > Journals > Gift cards > Add amount

    In the Add to gift card balance form, enter the gift card number, the amount to add, and the customer number:


    Click “Payments,” and add a payment for the transaction.

    To verify that the funds were added correctly, Navigate to Retail > Inquiries > Gift cards.

    In the gift cards form, select the card number from the list and verify that the amount in the Balance field includes the funds that you added.

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