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    Latest Release of Hitachi CRM for AEC Focuses on Project Leads and Account Forecasting

    The Hitachi Solutions team is pleased to announce the latest update to our CRM for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction package AEC 7.1.1. This release comes with a new module- the Project Leads Module, as well as additional functionality to the Account Management Module.

    Project Leads Module

    The purpose of the Project Leads Module is to identify potential opportunities using project and job information from Dodge data. This includes analyzing types of projects to pursue, project firms and bidders, and identifying target projects and jobs.

    The Project Record inside of Hitachi CRM for AEC contains valuable information. One great way to leverage this information is to identify Leads and Opportunities that are part of a Project that a Firm may already be pursuing. While viewing a project record the list of jobs for that project are displayed alongside the list of opportunities being pursued or that have been pursued for the particular project.

    A problem that many firms face is determining where a potential jobs fit in a specific team or product area, across multiple Service Lines and product lines. By leveraging Hitachi CRM for AEC firms can identify a Project where some business is being done, while other jobs may not have an Opportunity associated with them. By doing so they’ve now created a vast list of potential leads that can be mined through. Hitachi CRM for AEC allows the user to flag and review potential opportunities and mark any to pursue or not to pursue. This information is stored against the individual job a record so any marked not to pursue will not show up in future searches for potential jobs.

    If there is a Job that may be a good fit but doesn’t currently have an Opportunity, a Lead can be created from the Job record associated with the Opportunity. Doing so will carry all of the information forward about which Project and Job the lead is related to throughout the pursuit process and giving the ability to report on which jobs were won and which ones were lost.

    Figure 1 Project Record
    Figure 2 Job


    Account Management Updates

    In a previous post, Matthew Anderson described the purpose and value of the Account Management Module. We have since added enhanced functionality to the module to optimize a firm’s account planning and forecasting. This release even provides a method to roll up Account Plans into a Portfolio Plan.

    Account Plans in HCRM for AEC provide a way to assemble and coordinate an internal strategy for engaging with a company. The Account Plan includes a combination of targets that are revenue based, relationship based, and customer service based in nature.

    Figure 3 Account Plan

    Also included in this release is the ability to create Action Items for a specific Account Plan. Account Plan Action Items provide an easy way to track the specific assigned actions related to relationship goals with a specific Company. The Account Plan Action Item includes details about the activity that should take place, what the goal is, and the assigned owner who is responsible for ensuring the activity is completed.

    Figure 4 Account Plan Action Item


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