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    Great FetchXML Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    If you’re like me, you love Advanced Find. …But you don’t love FetchXML. Sure, we’ve all seen this button at the top of our Advanced Find queries, but how many of us have used it?


    Let’s take a look at what happens when we use this button.

    First, build an Advanced Find query. Something simple or complex, doesn’t matter. Click the button and you will download the .xml file. Click Open.


    This is what appears:


    Great. Now what? Well, if you are fluent in Fetch XML, this might make more sense to you than the Advanced Find query you built earlier. It not, let me introduce you to your new favorite tool: FetchXML Builder. It even goes in your XRMToolBox (which I hope you already know about)!


    What does it do? Well, it allows you to construct and edit FetchXML queries in ways that Advanced cannot yet do. For example, it can include attributes from other entities by linking them in the XML. It can join on fields other than just the relationship fields. It can do outer joins too. It does all of this and more in a UI format that is easy to understand and use.

    You can take the XML you downloaded from your Advanced Find, click “Edit XML” in the FetchXML Builder, and paste it into the box. When you click OK, FetchXML builder will organize it for you on the left as shown below.


    Additionally, you can use the “Open” button to open a View that exists in CRM today without having to download the FetchXML manually from CRM. Further, if you edit the XML, you can click the “Save” button in FetchXML Builder to apply the XML query to the existing CRM view!


    In my next blog post, I will demonstrate how to use this tool to perform a “has no” query. For example, finding all the Accounts without an Opportunity.