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    ClickDimensions and Dynamics CRM: Campaign Automation for Manufacturing

    Marketing Automation is a hot topic for marketing departments when they hear about a CRM system being implemented at their company. To better understand the benefits of integrating CRM and Marketing systems, here is a blog I wrote a few months back that will help paint the picture. In this post, I will discuss ClickDimensions and how it works closely with Dynamics CRM to create closed loop process and campaign automation. We will also uncover some key use cases in manufacturing and talk about some ways to use marketing automation that companies might not have thought about before.

    To give a little background on ClickDimensions, it is the highest rated marketing solution in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. Providing email marketing, web tracking, lead scoring, social discovery, form capture, surveys and more, ClickDimensions allows organizations to discover who is interested in their products, quantify their level of interest and take the appropriate actions. Through deep integration with Dynamics CRM, ClickDimensions leverages CRM workflow throughout the application to create marketing actions.

    ClickDimensions Campaign Builder

    ClickD Campaign Builder

    Below we will discuss the following for manufacturing and how they work with ClickDimensions:

    1. Preventative Maintenance
    2. Next Logical Purchase
    3. Case Management

    Let’s talk Manufacturing…

    Preventative Maintenance
    When does a product need to be serviced? How long will a product last? If this data is being pushed into CRM you can generate specific & personalized messaging to go out to a target audience based around the information you are already storing in CRM. Understanding this information and using ClickDimensions as your communication engine, you can send personalized communications (email, text, etc.) about service schedules, hours of use on equipment, and appointment scheduling marketing material, while keeping the CRM user informed thorough task management in CRM.

    Next Logical Purchase
    Understanding that next logical purchase is very important to all sales organizations. With ClickDimenisons, you can segment the CRM data and send out campaigns around the next logical purchase. ClickDimensions goes beyond just setting up email campaigns and automated processes. Monitoring website analytics, you are able to pull in information around who is on your site, the pages they are viewing, and most importantly how they actually got to your site. If someone comes to your website and they are looking at a particular product, your sales team will have visibility into what pages are being viewed and understand the best conversation to have. Marketing now understands how better align that marketing message and segment marketing lists based on this information.

    Case Management
    Keeping all parties up to date about what’s going on with a particular case is extremely important. No company wants any case to fall through the cracks. ClickDimensions will allow your team and clients to stay informed with what’s going on in the process. Once a case is queued up you can send notifications out through email or text to the primary contact on the case. As a case is being updated or changes status, you can send out notifications to be sure the appropriate parties are always informed. Once a case has been resolved, you can send out customer satisfaction surveys to monitor the quality of the job and exactly what your clients are saying about your work. When someone submits a survey, all of the data is tracked on the individual level and captured for system reporting.

    Capture 3

    Final Thoughts…

    I hope this post gave you some good ideas on how sales and marketing can benefit from ClickDimensions in manufacturing. If this blog was of interest, we will be hosting a webinar with Allison January of ClickDimensions on Jan. 19th at 2pm EST, you can find the registration page here . The title of the webinar is Campaign Automation for Manufacturing and we will be diving deeper into the ClickDimensions product and the examples highlighted in this blog. Hope to see you all then!