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    Building Loyal Customer Relationships: How the Loyalty Management Solution Keeps the Focus on the Customer

    A loyal customer isn’t just a statistic – she’s a valuable member of your company’s sales team.

    A loyal customer doesn’t just make the purchases that contribute to your bottom line (although that is one of her most important contributions). She is an essential part of your marketing efforts.

    She’s the one who, in casual conversation, urges her friends to stop by your store – and follows up to see if they did. She posts your products on her Facebook and Twitter, helping you build up organic SEO, as well as tap into new channels. Using your products in her everyday life is a walking advertisement in itself.

    She promotes your brand, and your offerings – showing your appreciation is a surefire way to retain her help and support.

    A loyalty program is a valuable tool for signaling your appreciation for a customer’s business, and for encouraging repeat purchases. The Loyalty Management Solution provides businesses with an end-to-end loyalty program management system, offering in-depth data insight and analytics.

    Loyalty Tiers: Rewarding Different Levels of Engagement

    Different customers have different levels of dedication to a business – some are casual, while others are diehard champions. Providing corresponding perks and benefits to each level helps businesses stay connected to those customers, and can create incentives for customers to engage even more. For instance, discussing the fantastic prizes that Platinum members receive can give the extra push to those Gold member customers to reach the next tier.

    The Loyalty Management Solution enables businesses to set up as many loyalty tiers as they wish. In the system, a company can determine what actions are needed in order for customers to gain access to a specific tier (e.g. making x number of purchases; making x dollar amount of purchases, etc.). Also, each tier can have a number of rewards that are exclusive to that tier – for instance, discounts on purchases, free items included in purchase, etc.

    Loyalty tiers allows segment customers and target promotions.

    Loyalty tiers allow to segment customers and target promotions based on individual spending habits.

    Marketing Campaigns: Keeping the Communication Open

    If a customer doesn’t know all the wonderful rewards that are unique to her loyalty tier, then she won’t capitalize on them. Maintaining steady, worthwhile communication with loyalty program members is an important factor in keeping customers attached to their loyalty program.

    Setting up marketing campaigns is easy in the Loyalty Management Solution – simply enter the details of the promotion, and then apply the loyalty tiers that the promotion is geared toward. There are no limits to a promotion’s parameters – it can be set up to run every day, or only certain days of the week; it can run forever, or only for a limited time; it can apply to all groups, or only select ones.

    Marketing campaigns are targeted to specific customer segments.

    Marketing campaigns are targeted to specific customer segments. This offer for 20 percent off to all customers that haven’t made a purchase in the last six months is available to the following marketing lists: “Contoso Re-Engagement,” “Female Frequent Customers,” and “Gold Members.”

    To-Do List: Seeing Important Metrics at a Glance

    Getting a clear understanding of a loyalty program’s operations and metrics is crucial to understanding successful activities and ones that need improvement. With the Loyalty Management Solution’s dashboard functionality, sales and customer service representatives are able to easily personalize their dashboards in order to view the metrics and activities that are most relevant to their job role.

    Dashboard graphs and charts are updated in real time, allowing representatives to get the most accurate information right at their fingertips. The dynamic data in the charts also enable representatives to drill down to get a more granular analysis. By seeing their up-to-date activities and data instantly in one place, representatives are able to get a better idea of what actions need to be taken, and more clearly measure results.

    Loyalty Analytics Dashboard.

    Dashboards display important information at a glance. The above dashboard provides high-level, real-time information such as sales by promotion, top 5 sales by location, actual revenues by year, and more.

    The Loyalty Management Solution is an important tool for developing loyalty programs, and analyzing their performance. For more information, please email 

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