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    Breaking News: PowerBI Service Manager Content Pack for Dynamics CRM Online is Here

    Power BI plus Dynamics CRM is quickly becoming a passion of mine. – It’s fascinating to explore the stories that can sometimes get hidden in CRM Data – PowerBI is a great way to bring the data in CRM out to better inform decision makers.

    If you haven’t taken a dip in the deep end yet, there’s a really quick and easy (and free) way to get started. Let me introduce you to the New and Greatly Improved Power BI “Content Packs” for Dynamics CRM Online.

    Let’s look at the Service Manager Dashboard — It’s brand new as of June 2016

    The dashboard itself shows a high-level view of tons of metrics all around the Case, Activity, and Knowledge Base areas of CRM (and of course the related Account/Contact entities and more.)

    Service Manager Dashboard

    Drilling through on any of these tiles on the dashboard will take you to one of the SIX underlying reports – each with their own expanded set of visualizations and additional filtering choices.
    (Note that these screenshots reflect only the sample data, installing these Content Packs in your own environment with your data would light up them up nicely.)

    The reports included in the Service Manager Content Pack are:

    Active Cases in Organization – Shows case volume trends, origins, types, priority, a map of case locations and view of cases in warning state

    (click on image for a closer look.)

    Organization Performance KPI’s – This Report explores CSAT score trends, trends of case volume and total active cases, and graphs of resolution activity


    Organization Performance Trends – Cases by subject, Status, first response, SLA compliance and escalated cases


    Customer Service Activities – This report looks at Activities by type, (Phone Calls, Tasks, Case Resolutions, etc.) as well as their created date and their status/priority)


    Agent Leaderboard – View agent performance by number of cases owned, activities owned, resolved cases and SLA/CSAT percentages


    Knowledge Manager – This report helps anyone needing to manage, review and approve CRM Knowledge Base articles – see which KB articles are most effective and which need review and approval

    (note: this instance had only a tiny amount of sample data.)

    This Service Manager content pack gives you a flavor of the type of CRM information PowerBI can help you leverage and visualize out of the Case and Knowledge Management entities within CRM – quickly and easily.

    It’s likely a great place to start and a terrific way of generating ideas on what a tailored dashboard for your organization might include.

    Documentation for installing the PowerBI Content Packs for Dynamics CRM is available on the PowerBI support Site –

    Give it a shot – it’s quick, free, easy, useful and, more importantly, the possibilities for exploring your own organization are wide open.

    Want to learn more? Contact us today to get the conversation started with our Microsoft CRM and BI experts!