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    6th Day of CRMmas – Send Thanks the Easy Way with Document Templates

    It’s day two of our twelve days of CRMmas and Santa is promising it’s going to be full of surprises! The new release of CRM included new features and enhancements across all modules and departments and Sales was definitely on the nice list! There are so many new sales productivity features that we have actually spread them across a few of our blogs. Matthew Anderson covered Excel Templates for Day 1 of CRMmas and Joel Lindstrom covered the CRM App for Outlook back in October when it was still in preview (it’s out now too in case you are wondering and the link is included here if you want to check it out, and you definitely should: Joel’s Outlook App Blog).

    But today we are going to focus on a feature that is a personal favorite because it’s all about the options. Specifically document storage options with the new addition of OneDrive for Business in CRM. And a girl with as many shoes and purses as I have always appreciates having the right option for the right occasion.

    So what exactly has Santa and his elves cooked up for us? Didn’t the CRM product team already cover document storage with SharePoint and Office 365 Groups? Well yes they did, but they thought just one more option would really round out the document storage and management features in CRM to provide a robust document storage solutions for all your Naughty and Nice list keeping needs.

    So what’s new? Well now with CRM Online, you have the right storage option for the right occasion with three different choices of easy storage easily available at your fingertips. So what exactly do we suggest for what and what does OneDrive for business bring to the table? Well, for example, you can use the new OneDrive for business option to store your private documents. For collaborative storage, you can use Office 365 Groups, and for public documents use SharePoint.crMas 1 REDO

    You might use OneDrive for Business to start and work on a document privately such as for a draft list for gift ideas for Mrs. Claus (she’s so picky!). When the draft is far enough along, move it to an Office 365 group for team collaboration for her best friend and your Manager of Gift Selection Development, Mrs. Elf to review your selections. And with a ton of storage (1 TB or more) you don’t have to worry about Mrs. Elf’s additions to the list getting too lengthy! And the CRM product team was feeling extra jolly and added mobile capability! With OneDrive for Business so documents stored there are automatically synced to your desktop and mobile devices. For example, if you put a sleigh route in CRM that’s stored on OneDrive linked with a specific household, that sleight route is synced to all devices running OneDrive.

    So all this sounds wonderful. But for something to truly be a viable option in my opinion, its needs to be easy to access. OneDrive for Business is right where you thought it would be in CRM nested in the already existing documents areas.

    crmas 2

    crmas naughtl list

    This is the preexisting documents grid in CRM and with the addition of OneDrive, documents relating to a specific record can be viewed here even easier in one concise view! You can even filter by location in order to view just your OneDrive or SharePoint documents.

    And Set up is a piece of cake too. This is managed in the documents management area under settings in your CRM and your System Admin should be able to follow the steps provided by Microsoft. And one more thing…There is a security role specifically for OneDrive for business so you can limit the users that can leverage this new feature for better document storage control! See below for easy instructions on how to enable this. Santa really has thought of everything!

    cmras 3

    Now it isn’t all snowflakes and hot chocolate, there are some things to be aware of for using OneDrive for Business in CRM. According to Microsoft:

    • OneDrive storage folders are created in the user’s current CRM language. If the language changes, new folders will be created in the new language. Old folders will remain in the previous language.
    • Folders aren’t supported. Documents in shared folders won’t appear in the document grid.
    • There may be a delay between when the documents are shared in OneDrive and when they’re available to other users.


    Overall this is an excellent new addition to the document storage features in CRM and we couldn’t be happier to share this CRMmas present with you!