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Hitachi Solutions supports health plan providers by giving you the technology you need to reduce claims, optimize loss ratios, offer wellness programs, detect fraud and, perhaps most important, deal with implications of the Affordable Care Act and ongoing legislative efforts to reshape the U.S. health care system. With on-premises and cloud capabilities, Hitachi Solutions can help your organization modernize your core systems for optimized operations.

The Affordable Care Act has several ramifications for health plan providers. With reimbursement dependent on quality of care, qualifying that care and capturing the associated data is an important, yet challenging task. Plus, with the future of the ACA hanging in the balance, health plan providers must be ready to react quickly to whatever Congress decides.

The health care industry is undergoing significant changes:

  • The Affordable Care Act is creating new challenges for plan providers, such as the need to measure quality of care.
  • Consumers are increasingly concerned with nutrition, meaning overall health plans must now include “wellness” components.
  • As emerging technology makes its way into the health care space there are new implications surrounding cybersecurity, organizational and workforce management and overall business models.

By empowering health plan providers with emerging technology, such as machine learning and advanced analytics, Hitachi Solutions offers industry specific products and expertise businesses need to stay competitive in the digital age.

Solving Your Challenges

The evolution to digital technology is changing the way businesses operate and creating new opportunities for health plans. Our approach to enabling health plan providers in the digital age is based around the four pillars of digital transformation.


Digital Transformation

Engage customers:

Consumers are in the driver’s seat. With more options than ever before and a desire for immediate service, customer expectations are changing and health plans must learn how to respond. Hitachi Solutions can help you deliver the service that customers demand, including built-in wellness functionality, all while helping your organization become more efficient and profitable.

Empower employees:

Employees are essential to your organization’s success. Hitachi Solutions can give you the visibility, information and collaboration tools your employees need to effectively do their jobs and transform your business.

Optimize operations:

Data is the key to the discovering new opportunities and excelling in the digital age. We can help you better utilize and manage your data so that you can create breakthrough solutions in real time.

Transform your products:

Innovation is rapid in today’s market. Hitachi Solutions will help you stay current, finding new ways to connect data and people so that you can improve claims efficiency, optimize loss ratios and improve fraud detection.

Why Hitachi Solutions?

The team at Hitachi Solutions has been helping health plan providers unlock digital experiences through the power of the Microsoft platform since 2004. Today, we are using our experience to help insurers uncover key data and use advanced analytics to support better decision making while maintaining business agility.

Hitachi Solutions is uniquely positioned to help your insurance organization grow for several reasons:

  • We are focused solely on Microsoft technology.
  • We leverage our in-house data analytics team to help you take your Microsoft technology even further.
  • Our industry IP lets us deliver a tailored solution so you can get up and running fast.