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Why You Need an Integration Partner

Larger organizations have company information in multiple systems. As an organization grows, their sources of company information grow too. With multiple sources, it is difficult to arrive at “one version of the truth” regarding how an enterprise is doing in a particular area. Successful system deployments require understanding the multiple sources of data and putting a plan in place to merge and manage the data across numerous applications and systems.

Hitachi Solutions can help you integrate with not only the Microsoft stack, but all your industry specific and back-end systems.

Integrate Your Field Service Software with All Your Major Systems

It is common for service-focused organizations to have a need for integrations to internal systems, as well as customer and supplier systems. We can help you integrate your field service solution with all your major systems including your:

ERP system
Inventory Management
Warranty Management
GPS Packages

Why Hitachi Solutions?

At Hitachi Solutions, we have an entire team focused solely on integrations with over 364 years of combined experience. Our expertly trained Enterprise Architecture team will work with you by offering recommendations and providing guidance on the best integration avenue.

Our Enterprise Architecture team has worked on integrations of all sizes and complexities. Whatever integration challenge you present, our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready to handle it.