January 23rd Webinar: 3 Tools That Top Banks Use to Improve Customer Relationships

One of the biggest challenges facing financial institutions is customer engagement.

In an increasingly competitive industry, maintaining and growing wallet share is becoming more difficult.

Fortunately, Hitachi Solutions enables Banks to engage with their customers more effectively to build long lasting relationships by harnessing the power of the Microsoft Cloud in our Engage for Banking product.

Watch the webinar to learn how three tools within the Microsoft Cloud can help your banking organization improve customer relationships:

  • Tool #1: Microsoft Dynamics 365
    By understanding the complete picture of your customers, you can more effectively understand their needs and the strength of your relationships. We’ll discuss how Dynamics 365 provides a 360-degree view of the customer with a Member Profile and Household Info so you can be more timely with customer outreach communications and have a deeper understanding of opportunities and needs
  • Tool #2: Microsoft Power BI
    Managing your customer data to enable smart reporting and visualizations enables your organization to understand your customer base and easily view potential areas of growth whether that is growth among a specific demographic, with specific products, or a combination of both. We’ll discuss how Power BI can be utilized to report on customer demographics and Product Profile by member segments.
  • Tool #3: Microsoft Social Engagement
    Engaging with customers in the way they naturally interact, enables a more natural dialogue to help build stronger relationships. The third tool we will discuss is Microsoft Social Engagement. We’ll show you how it enables you to understand how your brand or products are being received on the increasingly influential world of social media, how it helps identify and remediate issues before they escalate and result in lost customers, and how it helps find opportunities by reaching out to clients directly on Social Media.

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