June 4th-6th Event: Internet of Manufacturing MW 2019

Hitachi Solutions is proud to return as a Diamond Sponsor of Internet of Manufacturing MW, June 4th-6th – the USA’s leading event for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

400+ attendees will convene to hear 40+ manufacturers share their Industrial IoT stories. Join the US’s large, small and medium-sized manufacturers and hear how leading peers (and competitors) are driving down costs, reducing downtime, and in turn, increasing operational efficiency through new technologies. Plus, gain tested lessons in how to overcome the implementation challenges you’ll face along the way.

Be sure to mark your calendars for our two speakings sessions, to learn how manufacturers are using technology to identify new opportunities that answer today’s business needs:

Keynote: “On the Edge – Data Analytics” – June 5th at 11:40am-12:05pm
Presented By: David Bishop, Senior Vice President of Research, Hitachi Solutions

The surge in IoT and Cloud Computing have led to a one-way centralized path of raw data from billions of installed sensors to centralized systems for storage and processing. As a result, this leaves many companies facing a data overload like never before. In the past, organizations are usually left waiting for the data to be sent back to the Cloud or an on-premise server, but what if you could create actionable insights and decisions in real-time? And at the point where the data gathers first, on your IoT devices? In this presentation we will delve into the impact of Edge-based analytics, examining the impact on predictive maintenance, product quality check, security, and reducing unnecessary downtime.

Panel:”IoT as a Service” – June 6th at 2:00pm-2:30pm
Moderated By: David Bishop, Senior Vice President of Research, Hitachi Solutions

Manufacturers have seen great advances in data sharing capabilities, but most manufacturers think about IoT for their own processes but very few seem to be thinking about how they can offer a service to their customers to enable monitoring of machines once sold.

These panelists will discuss the insights and benefits a manufacturer could obtain from this as well as a better understanding of how their own manufacturing  processes are doing and where they can improve.

Demystifying IoT: The Internet of Things and Field Service

This 12-page guide addresses four of the most common IoT myths, and discusses what field service organizations need to keep in mind when evaluating IoT for their business and for their customers.