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The Hitachi Solutions Implementation Approach

Our implementation approach starts with  core technologies integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP so you can get up and running quickly. We extend that with our consistent investment in the product that gives you cutting-edge technology developed with both B2B and B2C in mind. Finally, we customize the solution for the unique needs of the individual business.

Our implementation approach is designed to offer:

  • Faster delivery, with core technologies already in place
  • Lower cost, with less money and time spent on custom development
  • Higher quality delivered through industry expertise and technology built specifically for each vertical
  • A solution that’s customized for every organization and based on their unique requirements and business needs

The Implementation Roadmap

Implementation can be broken down into the following service steps:

Management Consulting Services

Identify, qualify and champion the opportunities for your business.

Systems Integration Consulting Services

Deliver on those opportunities through a comprehensive implementation approach covering all aspects of people, process and technology with best-in-class capabilities.

Organizational Change Management

Ensure acceptance of new process improvements and adoption of the enabling technologies.

Support Services

Maintain the value created through a breadth of flexible capabilities, from managed services to application support to hosting.


What to Look For in an Ecommerce Solution Provider

Price is often the first factor considered when comparing ecommerce solution providers. However, what truly makes or breaks a project is not price, but culture. Before choosing a provider, consider whether your two cultures are a fit. It may seem minor, but implementation is a truly collaborative process and culture fit can have a tremendous impact on the success of the overall project.

Similarly, you want a solution that has proven success and a lengthy history ensuring customer satisfaction and increasing revenue.

Finally, in order to make your ecommerce implementation a success, you’ll want a provider that clearly understands your business. At Hitachi Solutions we do this by asking a lot of questions and immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses. This results in the ability to apply solutions that are tailored to each specific business.

When looking for an implementation partner, consider the following questions:

Does the partner have a close and lengthy relationship with Microsoft?

Does the partner have a close and lengthy relationship with Microsoft?

How will the partner attempt to fully understand your organization?

Best Practices for Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce Implementation

No single implementation methodology is a one-size-fits-all, silver-bullet solution. Customer needs, past project experiences, team member availability, budgeting processes and business objectives vary considerably from customer to customer.
That’s why we, as industry experts, must ensure that we are providing you, our customer, with the proper guidance needed for you to be successful. This guidance includes matching the best project implementation methodology to your unique business challenges.


Our best practices focus on:

  • Collaboration
  • Due diligence and planning
  • Client immersion
  • Prescriptive solutions based on each client’s business needs
The hardest part of our search was finding someone who provided an Ecommerce solution that integrated with both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP, and was not so far out of our budget that we could not move forward. Ignify’s experience with the software we needed to integrate with provided the greatest value for us.
- Brad Shatto, General Manager
The key here is the integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL; however, Hitachi Solutions has also helped us design the web pages as we needed them. Hitachi Solutions provides total capability, which allows us to utilize a myriad of functionality within Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce to improve the online shopping experience for our customers.
- Joe Sasala, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Our challenge was to bring a wide variety of flowers to our clients from a variety of sources. We were able to achieve this with the help of Hitachi Solutions. We are now able to land with our customers faster than our competition can.
- Deba Behera, Director - IT
We are always working to make ordering on MyMillcraft as easy as possible for our customers. Hitachi Solutions’ recognition with Microsoft was an early indicator of the lasting support they’ve provided as we continually work to simplify processes and streamline order fulfillment.
- Mark Holocker, e-Business Development Manager
With Hitachi Ecommerce, customers are able to get on our website, log in and see their customer-specific pricing, which allows us to process their orders more efficiently. There is no extra step for them where they have to get ahold of us. They can log in and check at their leisure.
- Murray Percival III,, General Manager
Qorpak has a strong business culture that is dedicated to thrilling our customers. One of the main reasons we decided to upgrade our ecommerce site was to enhance that customer experience. Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce helps us serve our customers with the latest technology on a daily basis.
- Karen Brooks, Vice President
Our customers are seeing a brighter, sharper image with our website compared to prior years. With our new, sharp site, customers are impressed not only with the appearance but with the functionality. The overall user experience was what we were striving for to begin with, and it has been a major benefit that we received going with Hitachi Solutions .
- Joe Grlica, IT/IS Manager
First and foremost, the main feature we selected Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce for was its integration with Dynamics NAV. It integrates directly with our ERP system, allowing us seamless day to day functionality and access to a free flow of information.
- Jason Chance, Senior Programmer Analyst
The number of orders from our old website was only about 10 percent of our total orders, whereas now 60 to 65 percent of our orders come through our website – which in itself speaks to the functionality and easeof-use that the Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce platform provides our customers.
- Tim Sturdivant, Director of Operations and IT
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