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Transformation of any kind is a journey and that is certainly true of digital transformation. To successfully and efficiently transform your business, it helps to have a guide who can lead the way, who has done it before, who can warn of dangers and provide encouragement in the face of obstacles.

That’s where Hitachi Solutions comes in.

As you take the next step on your digital journey, Hitachi Solutions can help you take your vision from conception to execution. With decades of experience in industry verticals, Hitachi Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide expert consultative services when it comes to implementing and utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Our Approach

At Hitachi Solutions, we believe that the customer is our most valuable partner. This is why we take the time to completely and thoroughly understand your business and goals. By starting with your desired end result and working backwards from there, we are able to ensure that the solution we implement will have a profound and lasting impact on your business.

A successful implementation is more than just delivering the right technology; it is delivering the right expert advice on how to implement and handle risk management so that you end up with a solution that has been precisely molded for your specific business needs.


What to Look for in a Consultant

Implementation is the primary objective when hiring a Microsoft Dynamics partner. However, the ideal partner will be a big-picture consultant as well as an implementation expert, helping to guide you along the path to digital transformation. By offering proactive advice and solutions, consultative implementation partners will ensure you are always one step ahead and ready for whatever challenge comes next.

When considering implementation partners, ask if they offer consultative services as well. For those that do, you will want to understand what that service entails and how knowledgeable their consultants are. Consultants should offer the following:

Business Acumen

The consultants working with you and your team should have business backgrounds and extensive experience in the field.

A proactive approach

The company culture and the consultant’s mindset should be focused on proactive approaches to improving your business. They should be bringing solutions to you on a consistent basis rather than waiting for you to come to them with problems.

Impressive Microsoft Dynamics implementation knowledge

Look for a partner that attracts and retains top talent in the space. This is an indication that the consultants you will be working with are experienced and knowledgeable around Microsoft Dynamics products.

A true partner will not just implement your Microsoft Dynamics software but will advise and guide you on how best to use that software to grow your organization and truly transform.

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