Teekay - Microsoft Dynamics AX

Teekay Improves Financial Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Built on a foundation of more than 40 years of experience, Teekay grew from a small tanker operator to an operational leader and one of the largest and most successful vessel owners in the world, across several energy shipping and production markets. Teekay owns $12 billion in assets and some of the world’s largest fleets in its core markets. The company has approximately 7,900 employees and operates in 14 countries.

With Hitachi Solutions, Teekay is able to:

  • Refresh data every 15 minutes offering near real-time reporting.
  • Ensure correct, relevant information is available to key players across the organization.
  • View of more than 400 legal entities across the globe in one central location.


With our Financial Data Warehouse, reporting information is immediately available to whomsoever needs it. This linkage to the financial system promotes actual flow of information and ensures that the right information gets to the right people and groups in a timely manner.
- Gerry Chau, Manager, Financial Systems, Teekay Corporation