POOLCORP - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Swimming Pool Wholesaler Dives into Customer Data to Provide Targeted Services

POOLCORP is the largest distributor of swimming pool and backyard products in the United States. To provide more personalized service to its wholesale customers, the company decided to upgrade its customer relationship management system to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now primed to provide more thrills on sunny days, POOLCORP is putting customer information in the hands of its salesforce, running targeted marketing initiatives, and staying ahead of the seasonal fluctuations of the industry.

With Hitachi Solutions, POOLCORP is able to:

  • Enable salespeople to access customer information more quickly, and pull up customer records while planning.
  • Use data from last year’s purchases to help salespeople anticipate customer needs and see how similar businesses are planning their purchases.
  • Extend marketing initiatives to its customers.


The account record in Dynamics CRM has an unbelievable amount of information, which includes sales, marketing, maps, and consolidations of different account numbers. Today, our salesforce has a lot more resources at their fingertips and the mobile solution is a huge timesaver as well!
- Skip Martin, Sales Development Manager