Petro-Canada - Microsoft Dynamics AX

Petro-Canada Eliminates Redundancies and Cuts Administration Time with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Petro-Canada is one of Canada’s largest oil and gas companies, operating in both the upstream and downstream sectors of the industry in Canada and internationally. It is Canada’s second-largest downstream company with refining and supply operations, retail and
wholesale marketing networks, and a specialty lubricants business. It is “Canada’s Gas Station” with a network of 1400 retail locations.

With Hitachi Solutions, Petro-Canada is able to:

  • Eliminate the need to enter data
    into multiple systems. Sales data is automatically captured from the sites’ point-ofsale systems on a perpetual basis and updates the inventory systems in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Enable retail managers to close month-end reports much faster than on
    the previous system, and the entire process can be competed in five business days or less. This process used to take anywhere from 10 to 15 business days.
  • Complete system upgrades in a fraction of the time. Because the application is housed in a centralized data centre,
    upgrades can be installed in one place and functionality pushed out to all of the retail locations simultaneously instead of in phases. Petro-Canada no longer needs to send technicians to each site for a manual installation or upgrade.


When we looked at what was available in the market, Microsoft Dynamics AX was the solution that met the majority of our needs right out of the box. It met about 75 to 80 per cent of our requirements right away.
- Ken MClaughlin, Manager Retail Systems and Support