Lackawanna Insurance Group - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Top Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Specialist Claims Success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Hitachi Industry IP

Founded in 1942, Lackawanna Insurance Group is the premiere workers’ compensation specialist in Pennsylvania. Currently the 10th largest writer of workers’ compensation in the state, Lackawanna provides its services through a network of independent brokers in Pennsylvania. It provides accident prevention services, such as training on topics that include supervisor safety, housekeeping, slips, trips, falls, basic ergonomics, return-to-work/light duty program, material handling, back care, lifting and safety, machine guarding, defensive driving, kitchen safety, OSHA compliance, and safety committee assistance. The company also offers claims management services, including medical case management and in-house legal counsel, as well as medical cost containment through provider panels, and medical bill review and re-pricing.

With Hitachi Solutions, Lackawanna Insurance Group is able to:

  • Provide heightened customer care by enabling employees to search for clients that wouldn’t have previously been on their radar.
  • Share data that’s driving losses across departments in order to develop a plan to assist in reduction of accidents and injuries from the loss prevention consultant side.
  • To pull up that customer’s record to find key information such as claims or policy renewal date so they are prepared for an in-person visit.


Dynamics CRM gives us a single pane of glass to look into our various systems. Where we previously spent time bouncing back and forth to get all of that information, CRM allows us to see it all in one place.
- Paul Pawlowski, IT Analyst