HKS - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

After Transforming Architectural Design Worldwide, HKS Turns Inward to Evolve Client Relationship Management

As the fifth-largest architectural firm in the world, HKS knows how to create exceptional transformations. The company has designed more than 1,600 unique spaces for many industry sectors in 84 countries—ranging from sports venues to convention centers. For property owners wanting to make a significant impact with their building designs, HKS is the ideal architect – focused experts consistently deliver the extraordinary. The company employs more than 1,200 professionals who work in 27 offices worldwide.

With Hitachi Solutions, HKS is able to:

  • Work in other Microsoft applications and have client and RFP information automatically flow into the CRM platform.
  • Focuse resources only on the RFPs executives truly want to pursue. With the staff no longer bogged down by risky opportunities, HKS produces more effective responses to viable opportunities.
  • Improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by facilitating sharing of client and contact information between sales and marketing teams.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online functions within our particular sales process. This was a key reason why we chose the solution. As a professional services firm that relies on relationship selling, we have long sales cycles that require precise documentation.
- Jack Clark, Vice President of Business Systems