Alberta Motor Association - Microsoft Dynamics AX

Alberta Motor Association Replaces Outdated Systems with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Alberta Motor Association is a membership organization with 940,000 members across Alberta. Since 1926, AMA has provided an extensive and superior range of products and services promoting quality service, safety and protection for the members’ peace of mind.

With Hitachi Solutions, Alberta Motor Association is able to:

  • The AX 2012 Retail Headquarters now provides a central source of product and pricing management for members and non-members.
  • The Retail Point of Sale (POS) as an adaptable solution for the sale and management of sundry items.
  • The Accounts Payable and Trade and Logistics modules for the purchasing, inventory, payment and distribution of Sundry items between central procurement/inventory and the remote service centers.
  • The platform for integration of payments and loyalty transactions from other solutions (based upon a web services based architecture). The POS plugins provided an extensible framework for integration with third party systems.


Dynamics AX provides AMA with a superior technology solution set to support both the immediate needs of delivering a superior retail experience, but more importantly provide the ability to seamlessly integrate membership interaction activities across all service offerings.
- Colin Moody, VP & CIO