AIM Gifts - Ecommerce

Improves Web Store, Delivers Lasting Memories to its Customers

AIM Gifts, a division of Albert Elovitz, Inc., is the largest and most recognizable manufacturer of music gifts worldwide. Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, AIM Gifts offers more than 10,000 different gift ideas to retailers. The products offered range from jewelry and apparel to souvenirs, with top selling categories including music products, Pittsburgh sports, city/state souvenirs and collectibles, and more.

With Hitachi Solutions, AIM Gifts is able to:

  • Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics SL.
  • Simplify user interface.
  • Extend support.


The key here is the integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL; however, Hitachi Solutions has also helped us design the web pages as we needed them. Hitachi Solutions provides total capability, which allows us to utilize a myriad of functionality within Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce to improve the online shopping experience for our customers.
- Joe Sasala, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer